Heavy Duty Tandem Disc Plough

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Serafin HDTL: The Little Linkage Disc Built Aussie Tough

The SERAFIN HDTL Heavy Duty Linkage Tandem Disc is designed & manufactured here in Australia to suit Australian conditions. We highlighted the need to build a super tough, super reliable & super simple 3PL Tandem Disc for Aussie Farmers and the HDTL is what we came up with.

Featuring a super strong frame, big axles, heavy disc spacers, robust mud scrapers & easy to adjust disc angles, the HDTL will be something you can pass down from generation to generation. And not only is it tough, it also does an amazing job. It penetrates harder ground than other linkage offsets can, and it leaves a better finish too.

Simple but with plenty of features:

Just because something is simple and easy to use doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got features that make it stand out.

The HDTL is based on one of the strongest and heaviest frames that linkage discs can have, and coupled with many big components such as 1 5/8 axles and maintenance free Oil Bath Bearings.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

Super Strong & fully adjustable deflector plate fitted to help ensure a level finish.


Oversized 1 5/8″ round axles fitted to Zero Maintenance Oil Bath Bearings & Strong 24″ or 26″ disc blades means this will DIG!


Super Strong 6 X 3 Heavy RHS Frame that is fully powder coated & can be oil filled if required, Easy to adjust gang angles too!
if needed


Adjustable, spring mounted levelling rod that allows the user to set up the plough to work perfectly on your tractor.


Centre mounted, heavy duty tyne shank that cuts out the middle bone between the front discs and ensures a full width cut out.


Cat 2 /3 Linkage hitch fitted with quality pins so that the plough is ready to go straight away


The HTLD disc blades are fitted on 235mm spacing which is optimal for the 24″ & 26″ disc & leaves a great finish whilst giving a full depth cut.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

24" or 26" Scalloped Discs

The HDTL can be fitted with either 24″x 6mm or 26″x 6mm scalloped disc blades depending on your requirements. These discs are fitted on 235mm spacing which is perfect for this size disc blades & style of machine.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

Special Middle Shank

A common issue with Tandem Offsets is that the front row of discs can leave a small “bone”. The HDTL features a super strong middle shank that manually cuts out this bone and gives a full width cut.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

Levelling Rod with Spring

To allow the HDTL to be levelled up perfectly to suit your tractor size and height, the plough is fitted with a heavy duty Levelling Rod that has a shock-absorbing spring to ensure smooth operation.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

Zero Maintenance Bearings

Fitted with Baldan’s 1 5/8″ Oil Bath bearings with Duo-Cone Seals and big internal taper roll bearings, means the operator has zero maintenance and confidence that these bearings will last a lifetime.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

Heavy Duty Cast Spacers

Also fitted with Baldan’s Heavy Duty Cast Iron Disc spacers gives the HDTL extra weight for penetration and a robust spacer between discs that allow for a consistent spacing between discs.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc - HDTL

Adjustable Deflector Plate

To ensure that the disc doesn’t throw soil away from the plough too far, the plough is fitted with an adjustable heavy duty deflector plate that keeps the soil where it needs to be for a beautiful finish.

Serafin HDTL 18-24 Linkage Disc Specifications

MODEL # DISCS AXLE SIZE Working Width Working Depth Weight * Required HP
HDTL 18 18 1 5/8" 2,030mm 80mm - 130mm 1,260kg 60 - 80
HDTL 20 20 1 5/8" 2,500mm 80mm - 130mm 1,300kg 75 - 85
HDTL 24 24 1 5/8" 2,970mm 80mm - 130mm 1,420kg 80 - 90

*Note: Weight is based on plough being fitted with 26″ disc blades.

*Prices don’t include delivery, setup, or dealer charges. Prices exclude GST and can be changed without prior notice.*

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