Serafin Ultisow S20

20 metre, Single disc seeder, Near Horsham, vic

The Ultisow Bi-Fold model is ideal for all conditions and particularly large-scale farmers. Hear from our longstanding customer Jeff Roll, as he talks about his experience owning and operating the Ultisow S20 Bi-Fold. Jeff sows 8,000 acres a year and he has been using the Ultisow Bi-Fold for 8 years now and as he says: has very accurate seed placement, a solid frame with no cracks and does a better job than tyne machines for his operation.

8,000 acres a year, 8 years in, no cracks at all.

Serafin ultisow s12

12 Metre single disc seeder, ardlethan, NSW

Serafin’s have built a reputation for having the best value for money, robust and reliable single disc seeders available on the Australian market. Hear from Paul Passlow based in Ardlethan NSW. His experience with the Serafin Ultisow S12 is evident as he explains why he chose this particular model, the benefits of upgrading to the Ultiforce hydraulic down pressure system and how the Ultisow handles the varying soil types that he comes across.

It's a really good system for us and it seems to work. We are extremely happy with the way our crops are and our germination.

Farmet Softer 12 Trailing speed disc

12m, Trailing Speed disc, Bland Region, NSW

Designed to be very low maintenance and requiring little adjustment, the SOFTER is the machine that gets the job done. It is able to penetrate hard soils, it can handle high levels of stubble, it leaves a beautiful seed-bed ready finish, and due to its high working speed, it is also extremely efficient. Josh Curry from the Bland region in NSW showcases his Farmet Softer PS 12 cultivating flood country. This one pass trailing speed disc is just what he needed as a dryland cropper.

"It's lighter, but it's actually stronger than standard frames on other speed tillers. The strength of it is quite extraordinary"

Baldan crsg 48 plate offset disc

48 Plate Offset Disc, Binya, NSW

It’s exactly what a disc plough should be: Simple, Reliable and Strong. Hear from Gordon Cannard based in Binya NSW, who speaks about his experience owning a Baldan CRSG 48 Plate Offset Disc plough. Watch for key features, the reason why he decided to buy one and how the Baldan CRSG has helped him to overcome farming challenges.  

It's penetration is really good even in eluvial clay soil, leaving a smooth even finish.

Tatu RC2 4500 Folding Slasher

4.5m, Folding Slasher, Jugiong, NSW

A true workhorse that gets the job done. Simple for the operator, safe and robust makes this one of the best trailed slashers on the market. Hear from Kyle Murray who works at the Garangula Polo Club as he shows you the Tatu Slasher in action and the key features that stand out to him. Spend more time working and less time working on it with the Tatu Slasher!

It's an incredibly reliable machine. We've had no dramas with it, they were fantastic to deal with when we bought it and I absolutely love this machine.

Farmet Triton 600 Combined Speed Disc Cultivator with Roller

6m Combined Speed disc cultivator, Griffith, NSW

Hear from Jason Dossetor of Griffith NSW, who speaks about his experience owning a Farmet Triton 600 (6m) combined speed disc cultivator. Watch to find out the key features that stand out to him, the reason why he decided to buy one and how the Farmet Triton has helped him to overcome farming challenges.

All in all, I'm really impressed with how versatile the machine is. I can turn country around in half the time compared to conventional scarifiers and offset discs. I recommend this machine to anyone.

Tatu Speed Disc 70010

9m High Speed, Heavy Duty Speed Disc, Griffith, NSW

Glen Andreazza, a third generation farmer and one of our longstanding customers tells us why he loves the Tatu Speed Disc.  He grows rice, wheat, popcorn and most recently canola. Hear how he incorporates his stubble while leaving a smooth finish.

I recommend using this speed disc to incorporate any stubble left behind, volunteer wheat and weeds that are coming through and preparation for next seasons crops.

Serafin Ultisow S18

18m single disc air seeder, ARIAH PARK, NSW

Darryl Harper from NSW talks about his new 2021 Serafin Ultisow 18m single disc seeder, what he wanted to achieve by changing to a disc seeder & how his Serafin Ultisow allowed him to do it. 

We are very happy with the machine. We found Serafin's service excellent, and we certainly have no regrets in this decision.

Serafin Ultisow S26


Josh Peffer purchased his Ultisow S26 No-Till Single Disc seeder in early 2020 for use on his mixed farming operation at Molong in NSW. He was very impressed with the seed placement, the overall quality of the seeder, and the back-up support from Serafin Machinery

With the disc, the seed placement has been a lot better. Dealing with Serafin Machinery has been really good... it's perfect!

Serafin Ultisow Narrow Fold

6m single disc air seeder, Dunkeld Victoria

Will Crawford of Victoria Valley near Dunkeld in Victoria talks about his 6m Ultisow Narrow Fold single disc seeder. He loves how easy the seeder folds up to 3m wide for transport, simple and quick depth adjustment changes, excellent seed placement and the fact it doesn’t pull up rocks in some of his paddocks.

It is the best machine that could do a varying range from cropping through to pasture for us. We are very happy with it.

Serafin pastureking

6m double disc air seeder, Ararat Victoria

Denis Harrington is a third generation farmer from just north of Ararat in Victoria. He purchased a Serafin PastureKing to replace an older style combine disc seeder in 2017. He really loves how well constructed it is, the uniform seed placement and the narrow disc spacing for his pasture work.

We have had really good results, good germination and Serafin Machinery have been great to deal with.

Semeato TDNG300e

3m double disc seeder, Southern Victoria

Philip Beattie of Victoria has been using Semeato seeders since 2008. He loves how the extra weight gets it to penetrate, how the row units follow the ground to ensure that it sows every seed into the ground at the right depth, and just what an amazing job it does on his ryegrasses.

A very reliable machine. They get the seed in the ground consistently...and the root structure growing very quickly.

Serafin UltiSow S30

9m 44 row Single Seeder, Pleasant hills, nsw

Rick & Hugh Clancy of Pleasant Hills, NSW purchased their 9m Serafin Ultisow to replace their existing single disc combine seeder. They sow mainly wheat, barley, oats and canola. They really like the simple depth adjustment, narrow transport width and Serafin’s individual small seed placement kit.

It is much easier to service, its narrow transport width makes trafficabilty much easier and safer & our pasture establishment is spot on.