High Speed, Heavy Duty Speed Disc

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#1 for Robustness, Versatility and Reliability

The Tatu SPEED DISK is designed for fast and superior in-field performance for consistent agronomic residue management during both seedbed preparation & leveling of paddocks. It is a very efficient, versatile and robust machine that outperforms other similar speed discs.

It has a unique design with a more aggressive front disc angle of 17 degrees which cuts the residue as it fractures & lifts the soil to help incorporate it prior to hitting the back gang. The rear disc angle is 14 degrees and it recuts & resizes the residue, and then finishes the inversion of the soil. The rear cage roller then levels the job for a superior finish.

The low maintenance design allows operators to spends more time in the field and less time in the workshop. It also has an impressive 16kph – 22kph working speed that ensures productivity is higher than most other tillage tools. It is also extremely simple to setup & operate making it very attractive for farms with multiple operators. 

TATU SPEED DISK Specifications

# of DISCS DISC SPACING DISC SIZE Working Width Transport Width Weight Required HP Price ex GST
50 254mm / 10" 22" x 6mm Scalloped 6,400mm / 21ft 3,200mm / 10ft 7,744kg 230 - 280 $POA
60 254mm / 10" 22" x 6mm Scalloped 7,600mm / 25ft 3,970mm / 12ft 10,023kg 270 - 330 $196,500
72 254mm / 10" 22" x 6mm Scalloped 9,150mm / 30ft 3,970mm / 12ft 10,905kg 320 - 400 $208,600
96 254mm / 10" 22" x 6mm Scalloped 12,195mm / 40ft 4,880mm / 16ft 13,230kg 430 - 530 $239,000
108 254mm / 10" 22" x 6mm Scalloped 13,700mm / 45ft 5,500mm / 18ft 14,152kg 520hp + $POA

*Prices don’t include delivery, setup, or dealer charges. Prices exclude GST and can be changed without prior notice.*


Simple & Robust yet feature packed:

Just because something is simple and easy to use doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got features that make it stand out.

Starting out with a super strong frame, large flotation tyres and maintenance free bearings throughout the disc assembles & rear roller makes this a pleasure to own and operate.

The wide disc spacing allows for excellent trash flow through high residue crops without blocking up, and the unique disc angles on the front & rear discs ensures that the residue is cut and sized perfectly, the soil is fractured and lifted, and then mixed soil is levelling off nicely.


TATU SPEED DISK - Speed disk

Excellent flotation across the paddock from the large 600/50×22.5 16ply tyres 


Adjustable side deflector fitted standard. This ensures that soil from the front disc isn’t thrown too far outside the working line of the machine, thus helping to leave a level finish.


Strong Drawbar hitch with hydraulic jack stand for easy hookup to & from tractor


Simple cage roller with bars in a propeller design . This works well in dry, non-sticky soil conditions and ensures an excellent clod – free finish


Super strong frame design made from quality Brazilian steel with reinforced pivots and bushings for long service life. 


Simple to use Hydraulic Folding Mechanism that allows for quick & easy transport with a narrow transport width


The rear roller is fitted with Tatu’s Swivel Oil Bath Bearings for virtually no maintenance and a super long life. No greasing these!


The disc spacing is 254mm / 10″ which allows for excellent trash flow whilst ensuring an even cut across the machine, taking out all of the weeds and leaving a fantastic finish

TATU SPEED DISK - Speed disk

Zero Maintenance Disc Hub Bearings

The maintenance-free grease bearing is exclusively manufactured by Tatu Marchesan. It is designed with dual tapered roller bearings that provides high-performance for long periods of operation.

The bearing design eliminates the need for additional lubrication, saving precious hours of labour and gives more time in the field.

TATU SPEED DISK - Speed disk

Rubber Torsion Spring System (RTSS)

Each disc blade arm has four rubber elements functioning as a damper. This provides a pretention that allows the disc blades to follow the contour of the land, whilst still being able to pass over obstructions such as rocks without damaging the disc arm.

Each arm is independent to each other, meaning greater consistency in the machines cutting depth, providing a better job.

TATU SPEED DISK - Speed disk

9" of Individual Disc Arm Travel

The size and design of the Rubber Torsion Spring along with the Disc Arm Design has allowed the disc blade to have 9 inch of travel. 

This just means that the SPEED DISK can handle rocky and undulating conditions without effecting the machines level finish. 

Couple that with the 10″ spacing between each disc, all equals one versatile machine!

TATU SPEED DISK - Speed disk

Oil Bath Bearings On Rear Cage Roller

Each section of the cage roller is fitted with two Tatu Swivel Oil Bath Bearings that are maintenance free, long life and extremely hard wearing. The Swivel design is exclusive to Tatu Marchesan as well.

TATU SPEED DISK - Speed disk

Super Strong Frame For Excellent Penetration

Constructed using quality Brazilan steel, the SPEED DISK also has enough weight per disc to get the 22″ disc blades to penetrate the hard compacted soils, as well as cut through heavy trash and stubbles.

Simple Fold Design For Narrow Transport

The Hydraulic folding design of the SPEED DISK gives the operator a nice, narrow transport width that makes moving it from job to job a breeze. It is also low in height making it easy to move around on a truck. 

TATU SPEED DISK Product/Testimonial Video

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