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Trailing Speed Disc

Versatility + Simplicity + Reliability = FARMET SOFTER PS

The entire Farmet SOFTER range is a true multi-purpose, high speed disc tillage implement that is the perfect fit for the Australian Farmer. Designed to be very low maintenance and requiring little adjustment, the SOFTER is the machine that gets the job done. It is able to penetrate hard soils, it can handle high levels of stubble, it leaves a beautiful seed-bed ready finish, and due to its high working speed, it is also extremely efficient.

The SOFTER PS range is a very VERSATILE Trailed Speed Disc and can handle a wide variety of working conditions. It is very SIMPLE to setup and adjust so you can spend more time working and less time scratching you head whilst trying to work out how to adjust disc angles & roller positions. The SOFTER is built from extremely high quality “eXTRA STEEL Line” steel which has three times higher strength and high flexibility of construction compared to a standard steel components & it also uses zero maintenance Agri-Hubs and long life rubber disc arm mounts so you know it is RELIABLE.

FARMET – The New Force In Australian Tillage!


FARMET SOFTER PS Specifications

Softer 8 PS Softer 9 PS W Softer 11 PS Softer 12 PS W
Working width 7650mm 8650mm 10880mm 11880mm
Transport width 3000mm 4000mm 3000mm 4000mm
Transport height 4000mm 4000mm 4000mm 4000mm
Total machine length 6850mm 6850mm 6520mm 6520mm
Working depth 35 - 120mm 35 - 120mm 35 - 120mm 35 - 120mm
Number of discs – Front row 31 35 45 49
Number of discs – rear row 31 35 45 49
Diameter of discs 560mm (22") 560mm (22") 560mm (22") 560mm (22")
Working Performance 8-12 ha/h 9-13.5 ha/h 11-16.5 ha/h 12-18.1 ha/h
Towing vehicle1 200 – 300 kW
270 - 405 HP
220 – 320 kW
295 - 430 HP
245 – 370 kW
330 - 495 HP
280 – 410 kW
380 - 550 HP
Working speed 10 - 15 km/h 10 - 15 km/h 10 - 15 km/h 10 - 15 km/h
Maximum transport speed 20 km/h 20 km/h 20 km/h 20 km/h
Dimension of tyre - transport 500/50-17 520/50-17 500/50-17 520/50-17
Tractor hitch requirement CAT 3/4 TPH CAT 3/4 TPH 70mm Tongue 70mm Tongue
Machine Weight2 6,850kg 7,150kg 9,350kg 11,100kg
RRP ex GST3 $124,350 $144,100 $181,450 $205,300
Softer 4.5 PS Softer 5 PS Softer 6 PS
Working width 4500mm 5000mm 6000mm
Transport height 2650mm 2900mm 3370mm
Transport Width 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Total machine length 6675mm 6675mm 5740mm
Working depth 35 - 120mm 35 - 120mm 35 - 120mm
Number of discs – Front row 19 21 25
Number of discs – rear row 19 21 25
Diameter of discs 560mm (22") 560mm (22") 560mm (22")
Working Performance 4.5-6.8 ha/h 5-7.5 ha/h 6-9 ha/h
Towing vehicle1 120 – 180 kW
160 - 240 HP
130 – 190 kW
175 - 255 HP
150 – 225 kW
200 - 300 HP
Working speed 10 - 15 km/h 10 - 15 km/h 10 - 15 km/h
Maximum transport speed 20 km/h 20 km/h 20 km/h
Dimension of tyre - transport 400/60-15.5 400/60-15.5 400/60-15.5
Tractor hitch requirement TBZ cat. 2/3 TBZ cat. 2/3 TBZ cat. 3/4
Machine Weight2 4100kg 4450kg 5,090kg
RRP ex GST3 $74,800 $79,550 $92,050

1 Recommended towing vehicle, the actual pulling force may significantly change according to the processing depth, soil conditions, inclination of land, wear of working members and their adjustment.

2 Machine weight with standard Tube Roller.

3 Recommended Retail Price does not include GST, Delivery or Dealer Charges. RRP is based on a standard specified machine as per current Serafin-Farmet softer 4.5-6ps RRP Price Book Version 1.6  and   Serafin-Farmet 8-12ps RRP Price Book Version 1.6

Different Optional Extra’s are available so please contact the Sales Team or your local dealer for more information.

PS – half-carried foldable machine


I’ve done just over 1,000 acres with my Farmet Softer 6PS so far and I have found it an awesome bit of gear. I’ve done some virgin pasture ground that hadn’t been touched for 50 years and it penetrated fantastic but most of all, it always left a beautiful level finish which I was very impressed by

James Gubbins, VIC



Choice of hitch types including 2PL hitch for Cat 3/4 or eyelet type for 50mm or 70mm pins


Frame is made from eXtra STEEL line steel which is three times stronger than standard steel & lighter too!


Optional Tracing (Depth Gauge) wheels with simple adjustment. These insure a smooth and consistent cut across the total width of the machine.


A completely forged arm allows for a more aggressive disc angle, more strength and less diameter than a standard style arm.

This means better trash flow, a better cut out of weeds and less downtime.


Disks with the diameter of 560 mm (optional 510mm) are located in two rows will undercut the soil. Working depth is 3.5 – 12 cm


Special Side Deflector Plates are fitted to help guide soil that is thrown by the outside disc to within the width of the machine. This helps give a consistent level finish


Clods are crumbled by the rear roller. Various roller types are available to ensure the best performance in different conditions and soil types

Standard fitment is the Tube Style Crumble Roller.


Large flotation tyres for stable transport with mud guards and hydraulic lift cylinders


Simple to adjust depth settings on the hydraulic lift cylinders that makes operating easy. Quick to adjust, flip over style ram stops are going to be your new next best friend!

Easy Operation


Continuous Connection of Passes in the Field

The extreme disc is separately height-adjustable which allows continuous connection of runs by reducing the amount of soil thrown by the outside disc (Often referred to as a furrow filler)


Adjustable Deflector to direct Processed Soil

The height and longitudinally adjustable side deflector for ideal direction of the processed soil ensuring the operator that soil isn’t thrown outside of the machine width so that it offers a more consistent level finish


Hydraulic adjustment of Working Depth

Easy adjustment of the working depth according to the overview table using the distance washers on the roller piston rods.

Built Strong from the Best Materials to Last a Lifetime

Farmet’s special eXtra STEEL line steel is three (yes, 3) times the tensile strength of standard steel. This eXtra strength gives you a much longer life of the machine, less weight & lower fuel consumption.


Maintenance-Free Disc Hub Bearings

Maintenance-free disc hub bearings ensures Trouble-Free operation of the machine with no need of additional lubrication. This means you actually spend less time repairing or servicing your machine and more time being Productive.


Maintenance-Free Rubber Torsion Mounts of Disc Arm

Resistant and maintenance-free rubber torsion mounts that offer ground following adaptation to terrain whilst offering protection against overload or damage from hitting an object like a stump or large rock.

Due to minimum of adjusting and lubricating points the operation and subsequent maintenance are very easy steps that anybody can perform.


Common Options


Single Depth Gauge Wheels

The SOFTER PS can have additional Depth Gauge Wheels fitted to the front side of the wings that assist with ensuring a completely even depth of cut across the entire width of the machine


MicroDrill Air Seeder

The sophisticated design of the machine allows for an installation of the Micro Drill Seeding Unit for sowing catch crop or for planting grass directly.


50mm Tongue Style Hitch

Ideal for tractors without linkage, you are able to order your new Softer Speed Disc with a 50mm Tongue Style hitch instead of the 2PL hitch that comes standard.

We run an organic farm and this means we have to be smart with our weed management decisions. After a lot of research into Speed Discs, we picked the Farmet Softer 8PS from Serafin Machinery as it ticked all the boxes for us.

We have used it in lots of different conditions and it has performed exceptionally well. The thing I have been impressed with the most is it's ability to achieve a full cut out of the weeds. It buries them properly and leaves a nice level finish. It fits our operation perfectly.

James Harney, VIC

Farmet Softer 8PS with customer


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Farmet Softer 4.5PS

Where we farm here in Western Victoria, we have some very undulating ground that we needed to freshen up. Some of it had old tree stumps and had sandy soils, making the job a real challenge.

My Farmet Softer 4.5PS handled everything I threw at it and more. I was really impressed with the way it handled the different conditions and its setup was a breeze. Serafin Machinery was great to deal with too.


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