Combined Speed Disc Cultivator

Perfect Combo of Discs & Cultivation in One Pass

The great advantage of the Farmet Triton is being able to combine both the benefits of the speed disc operation in residue cutting and complete width soil loosening with the benefits of a deep cultivation for improved water absorption and reducing soil compaction.

 The Triton is an excellent solution for heavy soils where the farmer needs to be able to break up their soils without leaving big clods, whilst being able to handle high crop residue. Adding to the fact that it has a low HP requirement makes the Farmet Triton the perfect machine for a single pass Disc & Cultivation operation on your farm.

FARMET TRITON Specifications

Working width 2800mm 4500mm 6000mm
Transport width 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Transport height 1800mm 3370mm 3950mm
Total machine length 9450mm 9500mm 9550mm
Working depth 30-350mm 30-350mm 30-350mm
Number of discs – Front two rows 22 38 50
Number of shanks – two middle rows 7 11 15
Diameter of discs 510mm (560mm optional) 510mm (560mm optional) 510mm (560mm optional)
Working Performance 2.2 - 3.4 ha/h 3.6 - 5.4 ha/h 4.8 - 7.2 ha/h
Towing vehicle1 200 - 315 HP 300 - 450 HP 450 - 600 HP
Working speed 8-12 km/h 8-12 km/h 8-12 km/h
Maximum transport speed 30 km/h 30 km/h 30 km/h
Dimension of tyre - transport 19.0/45-17 550/45-22.5 550/45-22.5
Machine Weight2 4,700kg 8,100kg 10,200kg
RRP ex GST3 $94,100 $155,550 $193,800

*Prices don’t include delivery, setup, or dealer charges. Prices exclude GST and can be changed without prior notice.*

1 Recommended towing vehicle, the actual pulling force may significantly change according to the processing depth, soil conditions, inclination of land, wear of working members and their adjustment.

2 Machine weight with double roller.

3 Recommended Retail Price does not include GST, Delivery or Dealer Charges. RRP is based on a standard specified machine as per current Serafin-Farmet RRP Price Book Version 1.6.  Different Optional Extra’s are available so please contact the Sales Team or your local dealer for more information.

P = Non Folding      PS = Folding


Farmet Triton Speed Disc Cultivator overview breakdown

Two rows of Speed Discs for initial soil loosening and for residue cutting of full width of machine, down to a depth of 12cm


Front Row of Cultivator Shanks on heavy springs for loosening to 35cm, on wide spacing for excellent trash flow


Rear Row of Cultivator Shanks on heavy springs for loosening to 35cm, on wide spacing for excellent trash flow


Rear set of Levelling Discs to assist with final residue incorporation 


A Superior level finish is achieved with a fully adjustable Rear Roller. 

Triton Diagram of operation
Farmet Triton Combined Speed Disc Cultivator 6.1

Maintenance Free Disc Assemblies

Either 510mm or 560mm disc blades with zero maintenance Disc Hub Bearings on rubber torsion springs result in more time working and less time servicing

Farmet Triton Speed Disc Cultivator Shank up close

Strong Shanks from Abrasion-Resistant steel

The time-tested Shanks are made of high-strength abrasion resistant steels and are equipped with wide plates at the point of the share. Can be fitted with optional Tungsten tipped points.

Farmet Triton Speed Disc Cultivator Spring Up close

Maintenance-Free Spring Protection

Wide placement of the working members ensuring stability. Resistant and maintenance-free spring protection with high release force.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Due to the minimum number of adjustments and lubrication points, both operation and maintenance involve simple steps that anyone can follow:

  • Minimum of adjustment points.
  • Minimum of lubrication points.
  • No angles adjustments or translation of disks are needed.
  • Simple and quick adjustment of both the Rear Levelling Discs & Rear Roller

Adjustment of Working Depth

Easy adjustment of the working depth according to the overview table using the distance washers on the roller piston rods.


Easy To Use Depth Stops

Unused distance washers can be placed on the prepared storage place near piston rods and this way they are always at hand.

Farmet Triton Speed Disc Cultivator shank travel image

Excellent Shank Travel

Each shank is individually sprung and has the ability to break out up over rocks or stumps etc with almost 30cm of travel

Low HP Requirement & High Productivity

Given the fact that this is combining both deep cultivation and discing in one pass you might think that this would be a slow unproductive task that requires huge HP.  That is not the case:

  • Working Speeds of between 8 to 12 kph allows you to cover the ground quick enough to achieve 7.5ha per hour with the 6m model 
  • A minimum HP requirement of only 200hp is needed for the 3m model. As with any tillage machine this is dependent on conditions and working speed
  • Low maintenance means more time in the field working and less time stopped 
  • 3m transport widths mean no escort vehicle required
  • 30kph transport speed gets you to the job faster
Farmet Triton Speed Disc Cultivator Hi Res

Extra Steel Line Technology

Built Strong from the Best Materials to Last a Lifetime

Farmet’s special eXtra STEEL line steel is three (yes, 3) times the tensile strength of standard steel. This eXtra strength gives you a much longer life of the machine, less weight & lower fuel consumption.

FARMET TRITON Testimonial Video


Farmet Triton 600 Combined Speed Disc Cultivator with Roller

Jason Dossetor, Griffith, NSW

All in all, I'm really impressed with how versatile the machine is. I can turn country around in half the time compared to conventional scarifiers and offset discs. I recommend this machine to anyone.


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