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Tandem Offset Disc

GCRTI SUPER - Bigger & Stronger for Aussie Conditions

The GCRTI Super is built off the back of the popular original GCRTI range. With modifications designed in Australia to withstand our harsh conditions, the improved Super model is better suited to what we want to throw at it.

Featuring a heavily constructed main frame with under-plating & internal bushing that gives extra strength and weight.

Also featuring a new hydraulic adjustable hitch & modified drawbar tongue section for more flexibility in the field.

The GCRTI Super is still fitted with genuine Baldan oil bath bearings for less maintenance.  The cast spool spacers are fitted for more disc life and better operation in wet conditions.

It has floating wings which are excellent for irrigation banks and undulating ground. The tandem design leaves a very level job & is ideal for cotton and rice ground.

So if you are looking for a tandem disc plough that is can handle the rough stuff, the GCRTI Super is the machine for you.

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BALDAN | GCRTI SUPER | TANDEM DISC | 62 – 70 Specifications

# Discs Disc Size Disc Spacing Working Width HP Requirement Axle Size Transport Width Weight Price ex GST
62 28" x 7.5mm 270mm 8.5m 280-320hp 1 5/8" Round 4.7m W x 3.7m H 8,950kg TBC
66 28" x 7.5mm 270mm 9.0m 300-350hp 1 5/8" Round 4.7m W x 3.9m H 9,250kg $125,650
70 28" x 7.5mm 270mm 9.6m 340-390hp 1 5/8" Round 4.7m W x 4.2m H 9,400kg $135,030

* Price is in Australian Dollars only. It is also excluding GST and does not include delivery or dealer charges.




Strong, Reinforced Frame

Based on the proven original GCRTI frame concept, the GCRTI Super has been made stronger and heavier to suit our harsh Australian conditions.

The new reinforced frame has new upgraded wheel arms for better transport, and has up to 1.3t more weight than the old model for better penetration. 

Internally in the frame there is reinforcement pipe that makes the side walls stronger for less flex as well as under-plating on the main beams.

GCRTI Super Drawbar Hitch Close up Square

New Design Hydraulic Hitch

When working in uneven ground it is important to allow the hitch to articuate enough so that it takes the stress of the drawbar frame. It is also important to make sure that this hitch is rigid enough during transport so that it didnt rock back and forward.

The new hydraulic cylinder design on the drawbar allows the hitch the freedom to move when working but then can be extended to make the hithc rigid for transport. Easy!

GCRTI Super Furrow Filling Disc up close Square

Covering Disc As Standard

To give the best level finish, the GCRTI Super comes fitted with additional 26″ discs on the back rear gangs to reduce the amount of soil throw that can cause a furrow. 

Couple this with the tandem design that allow the operator to go up and back (perfect for irrigation farming) the GCRTI Super leaves a level finish others would be jealous of!


Baldan GCRTI Super Drawbar Swivel Close Up SQAURE

Spring & Chain Assembly

Such a simple idea but something that makes hooking the tandem disc to your tractor so much easier and safer. The tongue is held into place with a spring and chain setup that allows adjustment up  and down to suit the tractor you are hooking up to.  

The tongue itself is strong and has a pivoting bush for long life and flexibility. The tongue assembly is fully adjustable up and down on the drawbar as well to suit your hitch height.

Baldan GCRTI Super Oil Bath Bearing Close Up SQAURE

Oil Bath Bearings

As with all of Baldan’s offset and tandem offset discs, the GCRTI Super comes fitted with low maintenance, robust Oil Bath Bearings. They only need to have the oil level checked through out the year, not greasing everyday like other brands. 

No one likes crawling around under the machine with a grease gun in the dirt now do they? The best part is that they come with 2 years full replacement warranty too!

Baldan GCRTI Super Cast Spool Spacer Close Up SQAURE

Cast Spool Spacers

Often overlooked as a key feature, the Baldan cast spool spacers allow for maximum depth and wear of your disc blades. 

The cast spacer is also made heavy so that the weight per disc is high on the GCRTI Super, ensuring the best penetration for hard conditions.

The equivalent depth achieved with our 28″ disc with cast spool spacer is usually the same as a 30″ on a machine with the big pipe spacer. 

Baldan GCRTI Super Centre Tyne Close Up SQAURE

Heavy Duty Middle Shank

To ensure that there is no ridge or bone left in between the front gangs the GCRTI Super has a strong and robust middle shank with replaceable point.

Baldan GCRTI Super Rear Oversize Sign Close Up SQAURE

Safe To Transport

The GCRTI Super comes standard with Oversize Sign, Oversize flags and flag holders, Rear tail lights, Safety chain and wing fold locks to make this safe and easy to move around from farm to farm.

Baldan GCRTI Super Spanner Holder Close Up SQAURE

Tool Holders

Making sure that the gangs are kept tight is important so to make this as easy as possible the GCRTI Super comes with its own heavy duty flogging spanners and tool holder mounted on the frame. No searching around the shed looking for the tools now!

Brochure & User Manual Downloads

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