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Disc Plough

THE ECO OFFSET - Exceeding Expectations

Introducing the ECO OFFSET Disc Plough, the best value for money offset on the market. The Eco Offset was previously known as the ECO STANDARD.

Exceeding Expectations is the best way to sum up the entire range of Serafin ECO SERIES and how they have been accepted by the Australian market since their introduction in 2017. The ECO SERIES is built off the formula of simple & proven designs that are built with excellent quality workmanship & materials, all at an affordable price. And the ECO OFFSET is where it all began.  

Designed to be a good quality, simple to operate plough for general cultivation, the ECO OFFSET suits a tractor range of 75hp to 140hp and is available from 2.5m to 4.2m. It is the perfect Fire Break offset disc and has been sold Australia wide for many  different applications. Chances are there will be an ECO OFFSET near you!

All of the Serafin ECO SERIES range of offset discs come fully assembled by factory trained technicians and all come with a full 12 month warranty so you can buy with confidence.

SERAFIN | ECO OFFSET | OFFSET DISC | 20 – 36 Specifications

# Discs Working Width Disc Spacing HP Required Axle Size Disc Size Bearing Type Weight RRP ex GST
20 2,500mm 230mm 75 - 85hp 1 1/2" Square 26" x 6mm Greasable 1,910kg $14,900
24 2,800mm 230mm 85 - 95hp 1 1/2" Square 26" x 6mm Greasable 2,110kg $16,600
28 3,200mm 230mm 100 - 110hp 1 1/2" Square 26" x 6mm Greasable 2,270kg $17,650
32 3,500mm 230mm 120 - 130hp 1 1/2" Square 26" x 6mm Greasable 2,860kg $20,900
36 4,200mm 230mm 130 - 140hp 1 1/2" Square 26" x 6mm Greasable 3,230kg $22,100

* Price is in Australian Dollars only. It is also excluding GST and does not include delivery or dealer charges.


Eco Standard Offset Overhead Close Up

Strong Drawbar with simple Spring & Chain Assembly for easy & safe hook up to the tractor


Adjustable levelling bar that keeps the offset level during transport and when lifting up & down


Tool holder and tools for tightening gang bolts plus a plastic User Manual holder means that the STANDARD is a well finished machine


230mm Disc Spacing for a nice fine cut and level finish


Strong 26″ x 6mm scalloped disc blades that aids with penetration and ensuring that trash is cut & buried effectively.


Quality 11.5/80×15.3 flotation tyres on strong hubs & axles makes transport a breeze


The Single hydraulic lift cylinder keeps things simple and easy to operate.


Adjustable gang positions that allow the operator to manually set the amount of aggression on the discs so that the offset can be used in a wide variety of conditions


Strong 150mm x 100mm x 8mm fully gusseted frame  (unlike most similar size offsets that are only 6mm)


1 1/2″ square axles fitted with greasable bearings mounted on strong gang hangers with double plated feet for extra strength

Eco Standard Disc Blade up close

Scalloped Disc Blades

Strong 26″ x 6mm scalloped disc blades on 230mm spacing gives the ECO OFFSET the perfect width for a full cut out and nice even finish. 

Eco Standard Flotation Tyre up close

Flotation Tyres

2x 11.5/80×15.3 flotation tyres on strong hubs ensures that the plough can be transported around from job to job easily and safely.

Eco Standard Frame close up

Strong 8mm Frame

The ECO OFFSET is built on a simple and robust 150mm x 100mm x 8mm fully gusseted frame so you know it can handle the rough stuff. Most other offsets in a similar size is only made from 6mm so make sure you read the fine print!

Eco Standard Offset Overhead Close Up

True Offset Design

Regaining popularity in recent years is the offset plough. The ECO OFFSET exactly that, a true “V” offset design which gives you excellent penetration and cut whilst still giving a nice level finish.

SERAFIN | ECO OFFSET | OFFSET DISC | 20 – 36 - eco offset

Robust Mud Scrapers

The ECO FFSET Mud Scrapers are strong in design and keeps the inside scallop of each disc clean of mud. They are double bolted onto a thick 10mm under plate on the main gang beam.

ECO Standard Hydraulic lift cylinder up close

Single Lift Cylinder

Keeping things simple, the ECO OFFSET comes with a single hydraulic lift cylinder to lift the machine up and down using the wheels. 

ECO standard drawbar tongue with spring & chain assembly

Easy To Hook Up

This simple idea of the Spring & Chain assembly takes all of the hassle out of hooking up to the tractor. The spring & chain holds the tongue into place whilst still allowing it to move up and down.

Eco Standard Levelling bar with Denis

Adjustable Level Lift

The ECO OFFSET is fitted with a fully adjustable level lift arm that attaches to the rear axle so that as the machine lifts up, it keeps the front and rear gang level for easy transport.

Eco Standard Transport Lock & Pin

Transport Safety Lock

Making sure that once the offset is lifted up completely, the transport safety pin can be inserted which helps hold the level lift bar in place whilst transporting. 


Other Machine Options


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