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Heavy Duty Folding Offset Disc

GAPCR HD FOLDING - The Biggest in the Range

The GAPCR HD is one serious offset! And this new folding model just takes it to a new level. But be aware, you will certainly need plenty of horses under the hood to make this unit work.

The centre of the GAPCR  HD Folding offset is its super heavy, strong “Double C” section frame that is fully gusseted with massive side plates for extra strength. This gives this machine the ability to dig deep, even in the hardest, challenging conditions, year after year after year…..

Perfect for deep tillage as a primary pass machine and is used in applications such as opening up new brigalow country, working clay deep into sandy soils & road base construction on mine sites.

The GAPCR HD 8013 Folding Offset has big everything! Big working widths, Big weight, Big axles, Big discs, Big bearings, & a Big frame but not the big price tag!


Big Everything!

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Big Disc Blades

The standard fitment of 34″x9mm scalloped discs should be the first clue that this machine will dig. Add the option of upgrading to 36″x12mm scalloped or plain discs will confirm it. Optimal working depth is between 200-250mm deep!

Disc blades are fitted on 340mm spacing which gives a great mix of depth and full cut out, leaving an amazing finish for such a big disc harrow.

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Big Gang Axles

There is no point having big disc blades fitted up to a small axle as they will just break or bend. The GAPCR HD may have gone a little over-the-top though,  with the machine being fitted with 2 1/2″ round axles.

This means that you can confidently use the entire weight and depth of cut in the harshest conditions and know that the axles will handle it.

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Big Oil Bath Bearings

To couple with big disc blades & big axles are the mammoth Tatu OIL BATH BEARINGS. These are double taper roller bearings with Duo-Cone Seals. These are some of the biggest bearings on offer!

And the best part of being Oil Bath bearings is that they do not need daily or even weekly greasing. They are basically maintenance free. Just check the oil level ever now and then!

Big Double "C Section" Frame

To ensure that the machine is strong enough to handle the big discs, axles & bearings, plus the harsh Australian conditions that this machine is designed for, Tatu have manufactured the main centre frame from two 1/2″ thick “C” sections, effectively making the top and bottom plates 1″ thick! 

This not only means it is super strong, it also gives it excellent weight to ensure that those big 34″discs can dig deep, even in the most challenging conditions.

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Product Video

And More Features:

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Big Tyre Packages

Depending on the size of machine will depend on what tyre package you get. Either way they are big and can handle the weight of machine year after year….

From 21 – 25 plate models are fitted with two  15.0/70×18  tyres.

From 29 plate models and up, they are fitted with four 400/60×15.5 tyres.

All wheel hubs are oversize and super strong, just like the rest of the machine!

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Hydraulic Adjust Hitch

During operation the hitch may need to ride up & down to allow the offset frame to follow the ground. During transport you want this rigid to ensure stability and to avoid a rocking motion.

With such a heavy machine, a standard spring setup wouldn’t be suffice. So the GAPCR HD is fitted with an adjustable hydraulic cylinder to ensure the operator can setup the hitch perfectly for each process.

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

Positive Lock Mechanism

To ensure that the wings on this beast don’t ride up when the tough gets going, the GAPCR HD has a positive lock mechanism that holds the wings in place, forming a rigid coupling of the wing and main frame. 

This lock is hydraulically controlled but works by a large locking pin sliding into a locking sleeve to hold things in place. To unlock, it is simply hydraulically pulled out and allows the wing to fold.

Simple & Effective

Easy to setup & adjust, the gang aggressiveness can be adjusted by changing the front and rear angles. This also can assist with making the plough pull straight behind the tractor.

Other Features

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 - GAPCR HD

TATU | GAPCR HD 8013 | Folding Offset Disc | 41-49 Specifications

# Discs Disc Size Disc Spacing Working Width HP Requirement Axle Size Weight Price ex GST
41 34" x 9mm 340mm 6.8m 510-530hp 2 1/2" Round 13,020kg $160.745
45 34" x 9mm 340mm 7.4m 540-560hp 2 1/2" Round 13,675kg $170,820
49 34" x 9mm 340mm 8.1m 570hp + 2 1/2" Round 14,330kg $176,500

* Price is in Australian Dollars only. It is also excluding GST and does not include delivery or dealer charges.

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