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The AARP  is a robust two-way reversible Moldboard Plough designed to incorporate crop residue into the soil profile in tough conditions. It is built strong, easy to operate and very low maintenance.

Featuring symmetric moldboard blades that has a double cutting edge to provide better penetration. The blades also have a replaceable, hard-wearing plastic lining on each that reduces the abrasion with the soil thus reducing the amount of horsepower required and the amount of wear on the blade itself.

The AARP also has a impressive but simple trip mechanism that allows the moldboard blade to release back in the event it hits something like a rock or stump thus avoiding damage to the implement. To reset the blade the operator simply stops the implement and raise it up completely, allowing the trip to reset, ready for work! 


# BLADES Spacing Clearance Working Width Working Depth Weight Required HP RRP (ex GST)
6 810mm 950mm 2,880mm 400mm 2,530kg 220 - 240 $46,800
7 810mm 950mm 3,360mm 400mm 2,856kg 240 - 280 $50,000
8 810mm 950mm 3,840mm 400mm 3,046kg 300 - 340 $53,700

*Prices don’t include delivery, setup, or dealer charges. Prices exclude GST and can be changed without prior notice.*


Hydraulic Two-Way adjustment

The AARP blade adjustment is done via a single hydraulic cylinder from in the tractor cab and only requires one set of hydraulic remotes.

This ensures quick adjustment back and forth at the end of each run, increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. 

Watch the video to see it in action!

Tatu AARP Mouldboard Plough trip mechanism upclose

Auto Trip Reset

Each Moldboard blade is fitted with its own flat spring trip system that in the event of the blade hitting something like a rock or stump, the blade can trip back and upwards, avoiding damage to the plough.

To reset, the operator simply stops & lifts the implement up out of the ground, allowing the blade to drop back down into a normal working position, ready for work.

Tatu AARP Mouldboard Plough Front of blade upclose

Long life Moldboard blade

The AARP Moldboard Blade is constructed out of a special alloy steel that is more wear resistant than normal steel. 

To further increase the life of the blade, each one is fitted with a special hard-wearing plastic liner that helps prevent direct wear against the metal component. Plus it helps reduce the amount of HP required to pull the implement.

Tatu AARP Mouldboard Plough rear wheel

Rear Swivel wheel

The rear swivel depth wheel is fitted with a 6.00 x 16 tyre and is adjusted by a simple turn buckle arm. 

This helps set the rear cut depth and maintain an even depth across the implement. This works in conjunction with the two front depth wheels.

Tatu AARP Mouldboard Plough front wheel

Easy to adjust working depth

The two front depth wheels are fitted with the same 6.00 x 16 tyre as the rear and are adjusted by a locking pin through different depth holes on each wheel arm. 

This controls the main cutting depth and works in conjunction with the rear swivel wheel.

Tatu AARP Mouldboard Plough 4

Strong, well balance frame

The frame is designed to be extra strong to handle to rigors of primary pass tillage. 

It is also designed for balance to allow the implement to be operated with the tractor out of the furrow on unploughed ground if required.

Easy to operate & low maintenance:

The old saying is that some of the best things are the simplest and the AARP is not exception.

Simple to operate with its hydraulic two-way adjustment of the blades, its easy to adjust depth wheels front and rear, and its simple auto trip reset function. 

Low maintenance with its long life Alloy Moldboard Blades with the replaceable, hard wearing plastic lining that reduces wear on the blade itself. 


Tatu AARP Mouldboard Plough 1

Simple rear swivelling depth wheel that is easy to adjust. This helps keep the depth of the cut even.


Strong symmetic moldboard blades with double cutting edges, hard wearing plastic lining and auto trip reset function.


Robust, strong frame ensures a long life of the implement and plenty of weight for penetration.


Easy to adjust blade positioning via the AARP  hydraulic system. This requires one set of hydraulic remotes and is operated from in the tractor cab.


The AARP is well balanced so that it is easy to move around from paddock to paddock, as well as given an even depth of cut.


Simple to adjust front depth wheels that ensure level operation. These front wheels work conjunction with the rear depth wheel.


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