Deep cultivation of compacted and impermeable soil

Krtek is especially suitable for deep cultivation of compacted and impermeable layer of soil. It significantly improve absorption of compacted and wet soil. Loosening of sub-soil layer is performed without risk of mixing of biologically inactive soil with topsoil. The deep cultivator is designed for work in all soil conditions which is enabled by hydraulic automatic protection. Supporting tracing wheels for more precise deep guiding of the machine.

Robust Design

High-strength refined materials in connection with eXtra STEEL line technology guarantee long service life of our machines even in the most difficult conditions.

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek

Hydraulic Adjustable Valve for increasing / decreasing the down pressure of the cylinders


Large Hydraulic Cylinders that allow for up to 1,700kg of breakout pressure!


Super Strong Frame made from eXtra STEEL Line material for added robustness


Ploughshares are all in a single line, on 700mm spacing which gives excellent trash flow and penetration


Super Strong Ploughshares (Shanks) for deep cultivation down to the depth of 600mm.


Easy to replace, long life chisel points available in different widths & materials to suit your working conditions

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek

High-Strength Materials

High-strength refined materials used for crucial nodes to ensure long service life. The frame is heavily designed.

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek

Working Parts

Working parts of an attested design with the option of efficient automatic hydraulic protection, or alternatively with maintenance-free solid drawbars.

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek

Optional Rear Roller

Deep cultivator Krtek can be additionally equipped with the rear roll for more precise deep guiding of the machine and crumbling of clods. It cannot be combined with supporting wheels. (optional)

Easy Operation

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek

Adjustment of Working Depth

The working depth is adjusted by the position of the hinge arms of the tractor.

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek


Minimum of lubrication points so that you can spend more time in the field working and less time with a grease gun in your hand!

FARMET | KRTEK - krtek

Adjustment of Supporting Wheels

Easy adjustment of the position of supporting wheels using adjusting screws. (optional)

FARMET | KRTEK Specifications

Krtek DG 3 Krtek DG 5 Krtek DG 7
Working width 2200mm 2990mm 4400mm
Transport width 2700mm 3000mm 4450mm
Transport height 1980mm 1980mm 1980mm
Total machine length 1330mm 1380mm 1380mm
Working depth 500-600mm 500-600mm 500-600mm
Number of ploughshares 3 5 7
Distance between ploughshares 700mm 700mm 700mm
Width of ploughshare with winglets 180mm 180mm 180mm
Frame clearance 900mm 900mm 900mm
Working Performance 1.4-2.6 ha/h 2-3 ha/h 2.8-4.2 ha/h
Towing vehicle1 110 - 165 kW
150 - 225 HP
180 - 270 kW
240 - 360 HP
250 - 380 kW
335 - 510 HP
Working speed 8-12 km/h 8-12 km/h 8-12 km/h
Maximum transport speed 20 km/h 20 km/h 20 km/h
Tyre dimension - tracing 10.0/75-15.3 14PR 10.0/75-15.3 14PR 10.0/75-15.3 14PR
Tractor hitch requirement TPH cat. 3 / 4 TPH cat. 3 / 4 TPH cat. 3 / 4
Machine Weight 880 kg 1170 kg 1750 kg
RRP ex GST2 $22,024 $31,004 $41,159

1 Recommended towing vehicle, the actual pulling force may significantly change according to the processing depth, soil conditions, inclination of land, wear of working members and their adjustment.

2 Recommended Retail Price does not include GST, Delivery or Dealer Charges. RRP is based on a standard specified machine as per current Serafin-Farmet RRP Price Book Version 1.3 Different Optional Extra’s are available so please contact the Sales Team or your local dealer for more information.

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