The Deep Ripper that Digs like a Demon!

The AST-MATIC is a robustly designed and constructed trailing Deep Ripper that has the ability to penetrate & breakup highly compacted soils. Featuring a rear crumble roller to ensure a smooth, level finish & optional spring loaded front coulters to enable it to handle high stubble loads & to aid penetration.

The secret to the AST-MATIC is it shank design. Unlike some other styles of rippers that require very heavy frames to force the shanks into the ground, the AST-MATIC shank is designed in such a way that it pulls itself into the ground, meaning a simpler frame is needed and it requires less HP to pull.

And this is without mentioning the AST-MATIC auto-reset trip function on the shank! Say goodbye to sheerpins, punches and your hammer! 

TATU | AST-MATIC 450 | DEEP RIPPER Specifications

# SHANKS # COULTERS COULTER SIZE Working Width Working Depth Weight Required HP RRP (ex GST)
11 - - 4,400mm 450mm 2,538kg 160 - 220 $34,395
11 11 18" 4,400mm 450mm 3,006kg 160 - 220 $43,075
13 - - 5,200mm 450mm 3,942kg 240 - 260 $66,085
13 13 20" 5,200mm 450mm 4,720kg 240 - 260 $82,295
15 - - 6,000mm 450mm 4,417kg 280 - 300 $70,810
15 15 20" 6,000mm 450mm 5,310kg 280 - 300 $90,100

Simple yet plenty of features:

Just because something is simple and easy to use doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got features that make it stand out.

Auto resetting trips on each shank, oil bath bearings in the roller, hydraulic lift and lower, even down to the depth indicator marks on the shanks. This all adds up to make the AST-MATIC one of the best Deep Rippers on the market!


Strong, adjustable drawbar with a swivel tongue and a simple chain to spring assembly to make hooking up easy.


Optional pivoting disc coulters with adjustable spring tension that assists with handling high stubble loads and aiding in penetration.


Dual hydraulic cylinders from a single set of remotes lift and lower the ripper into the ground from the tractor cab.


Tatu’s patented automatic trip reset on the shanks mean no more shear pins. Simply stop, lift up and the trip resets the shank, ready to go back to work in a flash!


What may not be the heaviest frame on the market, the AST-MATIC sure makes up for it in strength. And because of the shank design it doesn’t need to be the heaviest to get it to work.


Over the years Tatu has refined the shank angle so that it has a natural ability to pull itself deep into the ground, without a huge, heavy frame. That means it is easier to pull too!


A simple cage roller with adjustable arms means that the AST-MATIC leaves a beautiful finish. Plus running on oil bath bearings makes it maintenance free. 


Auto Reset Trip on Shank

The Patented Auto-Trip Reset function is a very basic concept. Simply put, when the shank hits an object in the ground that would normally break off a shear pin, this mechanism trips itself to allow the shank to ride up without damage.

To reset, the operator just needs to stop, lift up the ripper and the shank will reset itself to its normal position. Plus this can be adjusted to make it as easy or hard as it needs to be for the conditions!

Tatu AST-MATIC 11 shank deep ripper shank up close

Special shank design

Refined over the years, Tatu has perfected the shank angle and design so that it naturally pulls itself deep into the ground without the need for a lot of weight to push it down.

The shanks are strong, narrow at the top and even include depth gauge marks on the side of the shank so that the operator can quickly and easily tell if the ripper is getting the proper depth.

Tatu AST-MATIC 11 shank deep ripper rear roller upclose

Rear Crumble Roller

Mounted off adjustable arms that allows the amount of force to be changed for the rear roller to suit the conditions, the simple cage roller does a fantastic job breaking up clods and leaving a nice finish.

Normally these type of rollers would be fitted with greaseable bearings but not the AST-MATIC. This is fitted with genuine Oil Bath Bearings that are virtually Maintenance Free.

Tatu AST-MATIC 11 shank deep ripper point on shank up close

Replaceable Points

Each shank is fitted with a replaceable point that can be quickly and easily changed over as they wear out. They can even be hard faced should you require.

Tatu AST-MATIC 11 shank deep ripper Drawbar upclose

Swivel tongue on drawbar

Hooking up has never been easier with the simple swivel tongue that is held into position by the chain & spring assembly. No more trying to find something to prop up the tongue while you back on. 

Tatu AST-MATIC 11 shank deep ripper Coulter assembly

Optional Coulters

You can choose to have Coulters fitted in front of each shank so that they can help with handling heavy stubble loads and aid penetration. The Coulter is spring tensions and can swivel to reduce side load on the disc. 

Tatu AST-MATIC 13 shank working 2

It might look like a scarifier but this thing digs like a demon! I just love it.

The trip mechanism is much better than our previous ripper that had shear pins. It is really easy to reset these trips and saves us heaps of time.

It digs better than the old one did too!

Graham Carrigan
Narrabri, NSW

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