LTA 5000 S

Heavy Duty Trailing Scraper

LTA 5000 S - Built strong & Easy to Use

The LTA 5000 S Rear Scraper was developed to make terraces services, construction and maintenance of roads, land leveling, & eliminating bumps and depressions in the farming areas. The scraper performs tasks similar to those of a motorised grader without the expense or high maintenance. The vertical angle is obtained by double-action hydraulic cylinders controlled by the remote from the tractor.

It reaches a maximum angle of 21 degrees vertical & 47 degrees horizontal which gives the LTA plenty of versatility for your farming operation. The LTA is built strong to get the job done & has been proven for many years in South America. It is easy to use and all adjustments are hydraulic, making it quicker to get the job done than old manual adjustment models too.

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper Specifications

Blade Width Total Length External Width HP Requirement Working Speed Tyre Size Weight Price ex GST
4,500mm 7,030mm 3,350mm 120-200hp 5 kph 14.9x 28 8 ply 2,600kg $42,500

* Price is in Australian Dollars only. It is also excluding GST and does not include delivery or dealer charges.

LTA 5000 S TATU SCRAPER Features

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

Plenty of Flexibility

The LTA 5000 S has a massive 47 degrees of horizontal adjustment of the blade & 21 degrees vertical. This gives the operator plenty of adjustment to suit almost any application. 

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

Simple Operation

Controlled by the remotes from the cabin of the tractor, the LTA uses hydraulic cylinders to adjust the blade angle horizontally & vertically.

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

Super Strong Frame

A super strong frame with extra strengthening gussets have been designed to withstand plenty of punishment. It also helps with penetration in hard soils.

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

Big Tyre Package

Fitted with 14.9×28 8 ply tractor lug tyres, the LTA scraper can carry the weight of the machine with ease, whilst making transport safe. .

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

Plenty of Clearance

Hydraulic cylinders at the rear of the machine raise & lower the wheel set, and can give the machine 750mm under blade clearance.

TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

Strong Drawbar Tongue

It is no good having a super strong frame but hitching it to a sub-standard drawbar. Tatu makes sure that the Drawbar & Tongue is far from a weak point. 


Low Maintenance

To ensure the operator spends more time working IN the field & less time working ON the machine, Tatu have designed the LTA scraper to be low maintenance with minimal wear points & grease nipples! 

This doesn’t take away from the longevity of the machine though. It is kept simple and built strong with easy to access grease points to make servicing quick & effortless.


For more information please visit the Tatu Marchesan website by following this link:  Tatu Marchesan LTA scraper



TATU LTA 5000 S Scraper - LTA

TATU LTA 5000S SCRAPER Product Video

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