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ULTISOW HI LIFT - Designed with the operator in mind

Designing a new seeder frame from scratch was always going to be a big job but it has allowed us to incorporate some key features that our customers have been asking for over the past few years.

The main objective was to build a seeder frame that was able to hydraulically lift up approximately 1m higher than the standard bar to allow for easier access to the row units . With the new HI LIFT frame the operator now has 1,600mm of under-bar clearance and has lifted up the row units to a very comfortable height to work on, making maintenance and adjustment faster, easier and safer.

The second key point was to have the ability to have the frame be built with either two or three ranks of row units which could then allow row spacing down to 150mm without compromising trash clearance. By adding the option for a third row has given us the ability to offer a slightly narrower row spacing whilst keeping the units open enough to work on easily.

Finally the third key point was it needed to be built with the strength and weight for penetration that our Ultisow seeders are renown for. The new Hi LIFT frame is designed using strong 9mm thick steel which is powder coated using a 3 stage process ensuring that the frame lasts a life time. It also has 3m CTF wheel centres as standard, can come with or without a rolling bar, and has a wide range of row spacings available so it is a very flexible machine.


Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m Specifications

# DISCS # ROWS Working Width Row Spacing HP Requirement Transport Width Disc Size Disc Type Weight
40 2 12m 300mm 250hp 4.8m 20" Single Disc 13,500kg
48 2 12m 250mm 280hp 4.8m 20" Single Disc 14,400kg
60 2 12m 200mm 300hp 4.8m 20" Single Disc 16,000kg
72 3 12m 166mm 350hp 4.8m 20" Single Disc 18,000kg
80 3 12m 150mm 400hp 4.8m 20" Single Disc 20,000kg

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m Features

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m 5

Better access to row units

Not only do you have better access for any maintenance you may need to do, you have much better access for making simple adjustments such as seeding depth or press wheel pressure. No more crawling around in the dirt! 

This will result in faster repair work, a higher likelihood of operators actually maintaining the machine and happier operators.

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m 10

Simple operation

Simple single function hydraulic lift through an innovative gear driven valve block ensures that the machine lifts up & down smooth and even. 

The operator lowers the machine to the working height and then uses the hydraulic rolling bar to lower or raise the units to the ground, just like any other Ultisow.

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m

Proven design

By keeping the rolling bar concept including valve block and rolling bar height the same, you have the confidence that the new frame design will work like it always has.

Continuing on with the Ultisow fundamentals of being robust, simple and easy to use, the new HI LIFT is a great match for any broadacre farmer.

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m

Narrow transport width

Although not as narrow as the original Ultisow S40 frame, the new HI LIFT model still comes well under 5m for its folded transport width. 

This is achieved by keeping the hydraulic rolling bar, allowing the row units to be pulled back in towards the centre of the machine instead of being left in a lowered position. 


Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m

Extra transport clearance

For those of you travelling down dirt roads with a steep camber, the new HI LIFT frame will allow the operator to lift the centre frame up to give the units extra clearance when needed.

Then when you are going to park it into the shed, the operator can lower it all the way down to its actual working position to keep the overall height down as low as possible.

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m

Stable wheel package

Featuring 8x 550/60×22.5 flotation tyres the new HI LIFT frame has plenty of rubber on the ground to remain stable in transport. 

Having strong casting front wheels and fixed rear wheels allows the operator to turn tightly at the headlands as well, ensuring that even though this is a big machine it remains nimble.

Serafin Baldan SB2019 Row Unit

  • New disc hub fitted with a single non-greasable bearing that doesn't require pre-loading
  • Improved seed boot with better seed flow & placement
  • New, larger fully adjustable mud scraper
  • New reversed depth wheel hub that allows for baldan spoked hub on both our wide and narrow gauge buco depth wheels
  • and much more.......
Baldan SB2019 Single Disc Row unit on stand - edit white background

Simple to adjust seeding depth with 1/2″ increments

Open gauge wheel with heavy duty hub to allow for mud / trash to escape

Large 20″ x 6mm disc blade for longer life & better penetration 

Press wheel with independent down pressure adjustment – range of tyre options

Non-greasable needle roller bearings – does away with wearing bushes & pins for less maintenance and a much longer life

Closing wheel with independent down pressure adjustment with different options of wheel type available

SB2019 Single Disc Opener

The forth generation of Serafin single disc openers from Baldan is the new SB2019 unit. This opener has many improvements over the previous models and most of these have come directly from Australian Farmer feedback.

The SB2019 has maintained its large 20″x 6mm single disc blade that operates on a 7 degree angle. It has also kept the open depth gauge wheel, the needle roller bearings in the top pivot and its simple, robust casting.

Improvements has been focused on reducing the amount of maintenance required for this unit. A single regular grease point on the auxiliary bush has a service interval of 200 hours and a bi-annual grease point on the depth adjuster handle. The new style disc hub doesn’t require greasing any longer nor does it require pre-loading. 

Other improvements have been focused on seed placement. The modified casting of the SB2019 seedboot has improved seed placement by offering a smoother flow through the seedboot. 

The row unit has also been modified to allow for a narrower spacing down to 158mm over 2 rows. This is only achievable with the BUCO narrow gauge wheel which is able to be fitted to the spoked hub since it has been reversed.

For more info please click the link below:

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m - HI LIFT
Standard SB2019 Configuration
  • Large 20" x 6mm single disc blade on 7 degrees
  • BUCO wide rubber gauge wheel on 4 spoke hub
  • BUCO "Hard Vee" rubber press wheel on solid steel rim
  • BALDAN smooth cast closing wheel
  • Many options available

Common options for the SB2019

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m - HI LIFT
Serafin Spiked Closing Wheel

Serafin’s own Spiked Closing Wheel replaces the standard closing smooth closing wheel. It provides some tilth next to the seed slot that assists with closing the seed slot more efficiently in harder conditions. It also reduces the amount of closing wheel bounce resulting in more even, consistent closing wheel down pressure

Serafin Ultisow S40 Hi Lift Single Disc Seeder 12m - HI LIFT
Individual Small Seeds Placement kit

Allowing the operator to sow pasture seed and canola through a separate seeding tube that runs along the press wheel arm and places the seed into the seed slot once the press wheel has gone through. This separates the main seed / fertiliser from the small seed plus sows this at a very shallow depth, independent to the main seed depth.

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Not standard but highly recommended are the D-cup plastic air diffusers which are fitted to the row unit to allow for higher rate of air flow to reduce blockages as well as reduce seed bounce. 

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Other Machine Options

  • Available also in 9m working width
  • Available with or without rolling bar
  • Can be setup for front or rear tow air carts
  • Able to have row spacing down to 150mm


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