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Versatility at it's best!

Serafin’s have built a reputation for having the best value for money, robust and reliable single disc seeders available on the Australian market. The Serafin Ultisow standard frame ranges from 8 metres up to 15 metres with a super strong and heavy frame built from 9mm RHS assisting with penetration into challenging conditions.

Over time we have made some significant improvements to our frame. This includes adding a 3m CTF tramline option – this upgrades the standard frame to a single arm with larger tyres on 3m centres. 

All of our standard frames can be made to suit a tow behind or tow between cart. It’s great for farmers with an existing air cart that’s only looking for a reliable bar to pair it up with. The standard frame is a cost-effective choice without limitations on air cart capacity. The key to all these frame options is the fact that you can customise to suit your farming operation whether it be for narrow transport width, durability or less downtime.

* Custom built & Hi-Lift frame machines may not be under 3.5m transport width. Please speak to your Serafin Salesman to confirm.

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Standard S8/S9/S10 - Specifications

Working Width Rows Row Spacing HP Requirement Seed Box OPTION Disc Size Disc Type Weight (approx)
8m 32 250mm 175hp Optional 20" Single Disc 9,000kg
8m 42 190mm 210hp Optional 20" Single Disc 10,250kg
9m 36 250mm 180hp Optional 20" Single Disc 9,750kg
9m 44 204mm 220hp Optional 20" Single Disc 10,500kg
9m 48 187mm 240hp Optional 20" Single Disc 11,000kg
10m 40 250mm 200hp Optional 20" Single Disc 11,500kg
10m 48 208mm 240hp Optional 20" Single Disc 12,500kg
10m 54 185mm 280hp Optional 20" Single DIsc 14,200kg

*Prices don’t include delivery, setup, or dealer charges. Prices exclude GST and can be changed without prior notice.*


Standard S8/S9/S10 - Features

Narrow transport width

Keeping the transport width down to 3.5m or less was a key factor in the design of the Ultisow S26, S30 and S34 frame design. 

Having a 8 – 10m seeder that can fold up quickly for transport and not require an escort to get around makes your farming operation more profitable and easy to manage.

Depth control & Penetration

Consistent down pressure and depth control is paramount for accurate seeding depth resulting in better germination and even strike.

The Serafin Ultisow frames are manufactured out of strong 9mm steel RHS giving it extra weight than our competitors. And by having the depth gauge wheel next to the sowing boot you can be sure of a consistent seeding depth.

Backup service and support

Apart from having a strong, reliable row unit and frame, back up and support is what keeps Serafin customers keep coming back year after year.

We have trained staff with many years experience, spare parts on hand when you need it, and fully setup service team should you require on-farm support. 

Customer Testimonials

We are very happy with the results. Seed placement was good, germination was good, and sowing through stubble was excellent. Our Pasture establishment was spot on too.

Rick Clancy, NSW

Serafin SM Row Unit - Features

serafin ultisow

Large 508mm Disc Blade – Slow turn speed, allowing for better cut of trash. Lasts 30-40% longer than comparable 18″blade

Needle Roller Bearings -high quality, low maintenance, durable

Serafin Long-Life Cast Closing Wheel – Non-Greaseable. Fill adjustable to suit varying sowing conditions

3 Spoke Buco Depth Wheel – Better mud and trash clearing. Non-Greaseable bearing

Independent Spring Down Pressure – For press and closing wheels, with Non-Greasing and long life bearings


Replaceable Mud Scraper – new, longer and fully adjustable. Improving performance in varying conditions

Depth Adjustment Handle – Making changing of seeding depth a breeze. 1/2″Increments

Adjustable Seedboot – Smooth internal casting improving seed placement

Buco Hard Vee Rubber Press Wheel – Excellent seed to soil contact, for hard wearing and long life

Common Options - SM Row Unit

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D-Cup Air Diffuser

Not standard but highly recommended are the D-cup plastic air diffusers which are fitted to the row unit to allow for higher rate of air flow to reduce blockages as well as reduce seed bounce. 


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Serafin Ultiforce is a low-maintenance hydraulic down pressure system with it’s own cylinder. It allows for more consistent down pressure, reduced row-unit vibration and increased durability, improving seed placement.

Serafin Ultisow Hi Lift with Needham options
Needham Press & Gauge Wheels

New for 2021 we can offer now both the Needham V8 firming wheel and Needham Urethane Gauge wheel options for our SB2019 Disc Opener.

The V8 firming wheel is known for its longevity and ability to flex so that the press wheel continually gives the optimum seed to soil contact.

The Gauge Wheel is also very long life and quality bearing system.

Serafin Spiked Closing Wheel

Serafin’s own Spiked Closing Wheel replaces the standard  smooth closing wheel. It provides some tilth next to the seed slot that assists with closing the seed slot more efficiently in harder conditions. 

It also reduces the amount of closing wheel bounce resulting in more even, consistent closing wheel down pressure


An upgrade option over the plastic D-cup diffusers is the Serafin Stainless steel diffuser,

Working on similar principles as the D-cup but with a longer life and stronger housing. 

It also has a rubber cap that fits neatly onto the stainless steel housing, ensuring that it doesn’t vibrate off or have latches that break. And has optional shield as shown

Individual small seed placement kit
Individual Small Seeds Placement kit

Allowing the operator to sow pasture seed and canola through a separate seeding tube that runs along the press wheel arm and places the seed into the seed slot once the press wheel has gone through. 

This separates the main seed / fertiliser from the small seed plus sows this at a very shallow depth, independent to the main seed depth.


The narrow gauge depth wheel hub on the new Serafin SM  are now able to offer the BUCO narrow gauge wheel with the open 3 spoke hub.

This means that whether you are chasing the narrow spacing on the unit or just wanting to have a smaller footprint on the ground, you can still benefit from the SM open hub design.

Manutec 15 inch single press wheel option
Manutec Single Press Wheel

Replacing both the small BUCO press wheel and the cast closing wheel is the single arm with 15″ Manutec press wheel.

This works very well in soft, sandy conditions where the seed slot closes over itself. It is low maintenance and long wearing.

Manutec Mud Razor gauge wheel upclose
Manutec Mud Razor Gauge Wheel

A complete replacement of the standard BUCO depth wheel is the Manutec Mud Razoe option.

Fitted with a 4 1/2″ solid rubber wheel with an inbuilt metal scraper ring on the inside, this gauge wheel works well is muddy conditions.


Available on the Serafin SM unit is the Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) Spring gauge wheel. Featuring improved resistance to mud build up and less weight.

The flex in the steel spring ensures that any mud build up will release, keeping the unit turning in the most sticky conditions.

Mounted Bin Options

Gason 1230IM or 1250IM

Optional fitment onto the Ultisow S26 – S34

The Ultisow S26 – S34 now has the option to fit up either a Gason 3,200L bin (1230IM) or the newly designed 5,100L bin (1250IM).

Both are a 2 bin design with 50/50 split, fully variable rate with electric drive, Series One metering system, and a Farmscan 7500 touch screen as standard.

Both are simple to operate, easy to calibrate and accurate. They also have a low oil requirement of approximately 75-80L/min to run.

There are many options for these air boxes including different monitor options such as ISOBUS – VT system through the Topcon Apollo, Blockage sensor kits & an additional 380L pasturebox.

Gason 1230IM with Pasturebox on Narrow Fold
Gason 1230IM
Ultisow S30 with Gason 1250IM rear mounted bin close up
Gason 1250IM

Gason Mounted Bin Options

Topcon Apollo ISO kit

Topcon Apollo ISO kit that will work with any ISO terminal such as the John Deere Gen 4 terminal, ISO ready TRIMBLE screens or Topcon X35 displays.  This does away with the standard Farmscan 7500 controller.

Pasture Planter

Separate 380lt Pasture Planter. This can be plumbed into the main seed tube, with Serafin’s Individual Small Seed Placement kit OR with a combination of both.

Gason Air warmer kit 

Gason Air warmer kit which heats the air by taking heat from the hydraulic oil thus reducing potential for damp air causing fertilizer blockages.

*Other options are available... speak to our Serafin Sales Rep for more details

Other Machine Options

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