Double Disc Seed Drill with Soil Preparation

FALCON PRO+ FERT - The seeder that does it all!

The FALCON PRO+ FERT is a complete modular Soil Preparation & Double Disc Seeding System for true ONE PASS operation. It comprises of a robust central frame with 2PL hitch and two additional quick hitch mounts :

  • one for pre-sowing Soil Preparation + fertiliser placement
  • one for double disc sowing of seed & soil levelling


In Australia, the FALCON PRO+ FERT is fitted standard with either a pre-sowing Speed Disc section OR pre-sowing Cultivator Shank section PLUS a double disc seeder section at the rear with press wheels. This modular system allows for Soil Prep & Seeding all in one pass, saving you TIME, FUEL & MONEY. 

The FALCON PRO+ FERT is easy to operate, quick to setup & very adaptable to your farm conditions. It is very robust, easy to transport around with its narrow transport width, and is virtually maintenance free. 


FALCON 6 with Pre-sowing discs FALCON 6 with Pre-sowing Shanks
Working width 6000mm 6000mm
Transport width 3000mm 3000mm
Pre-Sowing Working depth 0-100mm 0-200mm
Number of discs / Shanks 24 24
Spacing of Disc / Shank 250mm 250mm
Seeding Row Spacing 125mm (5") 125mm (5")
Seeding depth 0-80mm 0-80mm
Towing vehicle 220 HP 220 HP
Maximum Working speed 15 km/h 15 km/h
Maximum transport speed 30 km/h 30 km/h
Machine Weight 9,860kg 9,860kg
RRP ex GST $273,900 $271,100

*Prices don’t include delivery, setup, or dealer charges. Prices exclude GST and can be changed without prior notice.*

Recommended towing vehicle, the actual pulling force may significantly change according to the processing depth, soil conditions, inclination of land, wear of working members and their adjustment.

Recommended Retail Price does not include GST, Delivery or Dealer Charges. RRP is based on a standard specified machine as per current Serafin-Farmet RRP Price Book Version 1.6 Different Optional Extra’s are available so please contact the Sales Team or your local dealer for more information.


FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+
FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+
FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Initial Pre-sowing Soil Levelling with spring tynes


Soil Pre-Processing Zone with either 24 discs on two rows OR 24 cultivator shanks on three rows. This prepares the soil prior to sowing. 


24x Fertiliser Sowing Discs for use with Preparation Disc System only. Allows for Fertiliser Sowing depth down to 100mm 


The packer with large low-pressure tyres ensuring low pressure on the soil and excellent tracing. Perfect surface levelling and compaction in front of the drill coulters.


Soil levelling and final spreading of plant residues before seed placement. The harrow effectively levels the soil surface and cleans the row space of plant residues

Seedbed formation and seed placement zone. The double disc seeding coulters effectively create a compacted seedbed (V-groove) and precisely deposit the seed to the required depth.

The side seed press zone. The copy wheel compresses the V- groove with the seed, causing the seed to squeeze sideways to the soil. There is loosened space above the seed for easy emergence of plants.


Seed cover and soil levelling zone. The integrated harrow ensures excellent seed coverage and precise soil surface levelling.


Seed & Fert is distributed through Farmet’s Distribution head system that ensures even & consistent seeding rates right across the machine


Farmet Seed Distribution System with Quick & Easy to change Rollers to allow for a wide range of seed & fert rates


 Large Seed & Fertiliser Hopper of 6,000L with 60/40 split

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Farmet Metering System

Farmet’s own simple to calibrate, accurate and super reliable metering system with easy to change rollers for different products and product rates make this the perfect choice for the Falcon Pro+ FERT.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Narrow Transport Width

The Falcon Pro+ FERT has a unique folding system that allows for the machine to fold up quickly and safely to only 3m wide. It is stable and makes transporting from farm to farm a stress-free task.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Strong 2PL Hitch Mount

Designed to be strong, robust and easy to use, the 2PL hitch mount on the Falcon Pro+ FERT makes hooking up and unhooking from your tractor quick and safe. It also includes an adjustable stand to make storing the machine easy when not in use.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Low Pressure Wheels

The Tyre Packer has large low-pressure tyres that ensure less down pressure on the soil. It provides perfect soil levelling and low compaction in front of the drill coulters.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Easy to Access Hoppers

Access to the top of the Seed & Fert Hoppers is safe and easy with this fold away catwalk that folds down when the machine is unfolded and folds away to keep the transport width down.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Large Pressurised Hoppers

The hopper with a capacity of 4000 litres (6000 litres with the side-dressing option) makes work more efficient by reducing the frequency of necessary re-fills.


Easy to operate & maintain

Due to minimum of adjusting and lubricating points the operation and subsequent maintenance are very easy steps that anybody can perform.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+
FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Adjustment of Working Depth & Down Pressure

Easy adjustment of the working depth according to the overview table using the distance washers on the roller piston rods. This is also the way to set the amount of down pressure applied to the sowing units.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Pre-sowing Harrow

The Pre-Sowing harrow is situated behind the tyre-packer and it cleans plus partially prepares the sowing bed in front of the drill coulters.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Height-Adjustable Deflector

The height-adjustable right side deflector for ideal direction of the processed soil.

Pre-Sowing Tool Options

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Pre-Sowing Disc System

Pre-processing disc section for full-area soil processing of the complete sowing width.

Universal working section, processing of the soil to the depth of the sowing bed down to 100 mm deep max.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Pre-Sowing Shank System

Pre-processing 4-row chisel section for full-area soil processing of the complete sowing width.

Especially suitable for wet conditions & for sowing of spring crops.

FARMET FALCON PRO+ Fert - Falcon Pro+

Optional Strip-Till System

Pre-processing 3-row chisel section, spacing of 250 / 300 mm for STRIP-TILL cultivation with the possibility of additional fertilisation with granulated fertilisers up to the depth of 200 mm.

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