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Double Disc Seeder

The King of Double Disc Air Seeders!

Combining Serafin’s existing TLS double disc linkage seeder bar with their popular Narrow Fold seeder frame concept was a simple step forward for Serafins. This has created the best double disc air seeder with a narrow transport width, accurate seed placement and row spacings down to 6″. The tried and tested Tatu double disc row unit can handle rocky conditions as well as wet, sticky situations.

Coupled all of that with a Gason 1230IM mounted seeder you have one awesome unit that can handle it all whether it be winter cereal cropping, summer crops or pasture renovation. The PastureKing does more than just pasture renovation, it is truly a great all-rounder.



Working Width Rows Row Spacing HP Requirement Seed Box Capacity Disc Size Disc Type Weight
5m 24 208mm 120hp 3,200L 15" Double Disc 5,800kg
5m 32 157mm 140hp 3,200L 15" Double Disc 6,500kg
6m 30 200mm 135hp 3,200L 15" Double Disc 6,400kg
6m 38 157mm 160hp 3,200L 15" Double Disc 6,800kg
7m 44 157mm 185hp 3,200L 15" Double Disc 7,500kg

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Narrow Transport Width

Quick hydraulic folding down to 3.2m means the Pastureking can get around from farm to farm, through narrow gateways without a problem, and no need for an escort on roads.  

It is also a short frame machine with a low box height and a good wheel base so stability on uneven ground is also very good.

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Accurate Seed Placement

Each row unit has its own depth control through what we refer to as a depth limiter. This is a cast ring that bolts to the side of the side, running on the ground and limiting the depth the disc can penetrate.

The depth limiter controls the seeding depth irrespective of the row units adjacent, and the seeding depth is measured exactly where the seedboot is placed.

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The 3PL hitch allows for quick and tight turns at the headlands, the short frame keeps it nimble and the quick fold means you can get it around your property easily and safely.

The 3PL hitch is also nice and easy to connect up to your tractor!

Serafin PastureKing double disc no-till seeder

Quality Strong Frame

Built from a high quality, locally manufactured frame of 200x200x9.5mm wing sections and 200x100x9.5mm chassis section. 

The frame is fully powder coated in the 3 stage process including an undercoat which adds to the robustness of the finish.

Serafin PastureKing double disc no-till seeder

Tatu Row Units

2x 15″ double discs with a long, triple spring design allows for unmatched ground following. The cast closing wheel ensures excellent seed to soil contact and that the seed slot is closed effectively.

The depth limiter on each unit controls the seeding depth irrespective of the row units adjacent, and the seeding depth is measured exactly where the seedboot is placed.

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Ground Following

Serafin Machinery have been building No-till seeders for over 10 years and selling them Australia wide. The PastureKing design came from Australian farmer feedback.

We pride ourselves on our backup aftersales support and we are willing to work with you to customize the machine so you end up with the perfect seeder for your operation.


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D-Cup Diffusers

To avoid seed bounce and to allow the operator to run their airbox fan faster, we can fit up the Plastic D-Cup diffusers on a special mounting bar with rubber drop down hoses. This is an excellent option for those doing cereals, pasture and canola.

Rear pivot upgrade on Tatu row unit

Rear Pivot Upgrade

The rear pivot upgrade does away does away with the standard greasable bush and replaces it with a strong shaft mounted on two fully sealed, long life bearings that not only reduces maintenance but also last a lot long than the standard pivot.

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Farmscan QuadCam

Available on almost any seeder, the Farmscan QuadCam system comes with the large 9″ QuadCam display and up to 4x Infa-Red (IR) camera that can be mounted inside the seed box or anywhere else on the seeder that you wish to monitor. 

Other Machine Options

Mounted Bin Options

Gason 1230IM

Standard Fitment on the PastureKing

This is a 3,200lt 2 bin with 50/50 split, fully variable rate with electric drive, Series One metering system, and a Farmscan 7500 touch screen as standard. It is simple to operate, easy to calibrate & accurate.

There are many options for this including different monitor options and blockage sensor kits. The 380L pasture box is optional 

It also has a low oil requirement of only 75L/min.

Common options for Gason 1230IM

Topcon Apollo ISO kit

Topcon Apollo ISO kit that will work with any ISO terminal such as the John Deere Gen 4 terminal, ISO ready TRIMBLE screens or Topcon X35 displays.  This does away with the standard Farmscan 7500 controller.

Pasture Planter

Separate 380lt Pasture Planter. This can be plumbed into the main seed tube, with Serafin’s Individual Small Seed Placement kit OR with a combination of both.

Gason Air warmer kit 

Gason Air warmer kit which heats the air by taking heat from the hydraulic oil thus reducing potential for damp air causing fertilizer blockages.

We have had very good results, good germination and we are very happy with the PastureKing

Denis harrington, victoria

Contact Serafin Machinery's sales team

Want to talk about customisiation, or just have a few questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. 

Serafin Machinery Staff Rodney Dunn
Rodney Dunn
Sales Manager
Serafin Machinery Staff Denis Aramini
Denis Aramini
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