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TDNG 520  

Double Disc Seeder

The Big Daddy of Double Disc Combine Seeders!

If productivity is what you are chasing, then look no further than the TDNG 520. The biggest double disc combine seeder on the market.

Boosting a 5.5m working width, a huge seed & fertiliser capacity, industry leading ground following ability and accurate seed placement makes this unit the number 1 choice for contractors and larger scale farmers.

When fitted with the optional Hydraulic End Tow, the TDNG 520 can be transported down the roads at 3.2m meaning it can get anywhere a smaller machine can go but still give the operator the Hectares per Hour productivity they strive for.

By simply changing the position of the seeder from working to transport hydraulically from inside the cab (within 1-2 mins) you will never look at Transport End Tow Systems the same.


SEMEATO | TDNG 520 | DOUBLE DISC SEEDER | 32 row Specifications

Model Rows Working Width Transport Width Row Spacing HP Required Box Capacity Weight RRP ex GST
With End Tow 32 5.5m - Approx 18ft 3.2m - Approx 10 1/2ft 170mm - 6 3/4" 140hp 2,750L Combined 8,900kg $137,453
Without End Tow 32 5.5m - Approx 18ft 7.0m - Approx 23ft 170mm - 6 3/4" 135hp 2,750L Combined 7,700kg $113,950

SEMEATO | TDNG 520 | DOUBLE DISC SEEDER | 32 row Features


Weight for penetration

One thing a lot of cheaper double disc seeders lack is the physical weight to get the double disc opener to penetrate into hard soils. Sowing dry is almost impossible with some other machines but not this little tank. 

Weighing at almost 9 tonne the TDNG 520 can work in the hardest conditions whilst being versatile enough to sow into the softest ground too

Ground following ability

With its 400mm of vertical travel (indivudally) on each row unit means that the TDNG 520 has the best ground following of any double disc seeder on the market. 

This relates to the seeder being able to keep constant contact with the ground, ensuring accurate seed placement even in the most challenging environments.


Accurate seeding depth

Coupled with the TDNG row units amazing ground following is the fact that the disc opener runs a solid depth limiter on each unit ensuring accurate seeding depth. 

A depth limiter is a cast narrow wheel that is bolted directly onto the side of the disc opener on one side, limiting the amount of disc is able to penetrate the ground, keeping the seeding depth constant. This is right next to the seed boot so you can be sure of the best seed placement available on any disc opener.

Small Seeds & Pasture

The TDNG 520 comes fitted standard with an 170L small seeds / pasture seed box. It can handle a large range of grass and small seeds with accuracy at low rates. It is easy to calibrate and you can change rates with one simple adjuster handle. 

Being able to sow at a consistent depth without distrubing the soil around the seed ensures that the TDNG is an excellent opener for over-sowing pastures.

Narrow transport width

The TDNG 520 has has an optional hydraulic end tow kit which allows the seeder to be transported laterally via two 275/80R22.5 transport wheels. 

The machine is able to be changed from working position to the transport position from inside the cab of the tractor. Not only is it quick but it is also a lot safer than other end tow systems on the market.

TDNG 300e inside of fertiliser box

Large capacity

Boasting a 2,750L seed & fert box capacity which is class leading for 32 row machines, but it is also fitted with a removable plate inside the seed/fert box that allows the user to change the individual capacities of each box. 

Add on the 170L small seed box and this will ensure that you can keep sowing for longer & being more productive.

It also has easy access to the seed, fertiliser and small seed boxes from the rear catwalk with the fold down steps and solid hand rails all round.


Other Machine Options

TDNG row unit

TDNG row unit

15″ & 16″ double disc blades 

Bolt on depth limiter ring – 15mm, 25mm, 40mm and 60mm available

Depth Limiter Mud Scraper to keep the depth limiter clean for accurate sowing depth

Fully adjustable Closing wheel – modify weight, down pressure and position for flexibility in different conditions

Long, triple spring design for maximum articulation and down pressure whilst remaining flexible to work in soft conditions

Telescopic seed tubes to ensure excellent flow, long life and maximum row unit flexibility up and down.

It is a very well built machine. Germination wise the crop comes up a lot quicker, every seed strikes and it is very even. Compared to a tyne (seeder) there is no comparison.

Trevor & Malcolm Henderson, VIC

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