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Introducing the SB2019 Row Unit...

Since 2010 Serafin Machinery has managed to release a new model of Single Disc opener to the Australian market once every three years. Each model has improved maintenance, better seed placement and a longer lifetime that its previous model.

By continually evaluating exactly how the row unit is performing each year by keeping close to our customers and cherishing their feedback, it has allowed us to remain at the forefront of no-till seeding systems in Australia by producing a better quality product for our customers.

The SB2019 row unit is no exception to this rule. It has surpassed all other openers on the market for its robustness, accuracy in seed placement, simplicity, versatility and value for money. 

It is a unit that has the narrowest row spacing, is the most reliable and the easiest to service single disc row unit on the market with a large range of options available to customize the unit to suit your needs. 

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Feature Specification
Cutting Disc 20" x 6mm single disc blade on a 7 degree angle, no undercut
Cover Wheel Pivot Bearing - Non greasable, adjustable closing position
Firming Wheel Pivot Bearing - non greasable, adjustable closing position
Cover Wheel Cast 12" smooth type with adjustable spacers to ensure perfect closing action in all soil types, non greasable
Firming Wheel 9 1/2" x 25mm BUCO Hard Vee wheel with non-greasable 5203 bearings
Depth Gauge Wheel 4 1/2" x 15" BUCO semi pneumatic rubber wheel on 4 spoke open centre, non greasable bearing (other types optional)
Depth Control Quick and Easy to adjust handle, new Heavy Duty pin and heavy toothed casting for long life, 1/2" increments
Disc Hub & Bearing Brand new long life, single bearing, non-greasable and does not require pre-loading
Front Pivot Clamp Extremely long life needle roller bearings, non-greasable. Does away with unnecessary wearing bush & pin
Total Unit Weight Approx 97kg with a standard configuration
Baldan SB2019 Single Disc Row unit on stand - edit white background

Simple to adjust seeding depth with 1/2″ increments

Open gauge wheel with heavy duty hub to allow for mud / trash to escape

Large 20″ x 6mm disc blade for longer life & better penetration 

Press wheel with independent down pressure adjustment – range of tyre options

Non-greasable needle roller bearings – does away with wearing bushes & pins for less maintenance and a much longer life

Closing wheel with independent down pressure adjustment with different options of wheel type available


New Style Disc hub and bearing on SB2019 row unit

New Style Disc Hub

Probably the most important update on the SB2019 is the new style disc hub and long life single bearing.

Moving away from our previous greaseable double bearing that required pre-loading, this style has done away with all of that.

No Greasing! No Pre-loading! Longer lifetime!

And the best bit – it will fit previous models of Baldan units too (SB2013 & SB2016)


Large 20" Disc

There are a few reasons why Serafin’s moved away from the original 18″ disc blade that was offered on the first Baldan single disc. 

Firstly we saw an immediate 30-40% longer life than compared to the 18″ disc.

We also found that since it has a slower turning speed it aids with better penetration  and better trash cutting that leads to less hair pinning. 

Finally it has proven to hold its edge longer too.                 

Top Pivot of SB2019 Row Unit 2

Top Pivot Bearings

Hardened bushes and Pins are an unnecessary wearing part on some disc openers. Not only is it costly to repair but it also effects row spacing and seed placement.

The SB2019 has extreme life, very fine needle roller bearings in our top pivot. They are non-greasable and do not require regular maintenance. 

It also ensures the unit stays where it is supposed to so you know that you will get the best seed placement, consistently.

SB2019 Row unit close up of casting

Super Strong Casting

Baldan has always built a strong, simple casting. We have only made a few minor changes to the casting itself over the time.

Weighing in at almost 100kg, the row unit strength is formed around the main casting. 

The extra weight of these openers help with ensuring that the seeder has more weight per disc than most of our competitors. This relates back to better penetration and a better sowing job when its dry.


Replaceable mud scrapers

Attached to the seedboot by two screws, the mudscraper is fully adjustable so that as it wears you are able to easily and quickly move the scraper back into position without moving the seedboot and compromising seed placement.

And when its time to replace the scraper, its only a fraction of the cost of what it would cost to replace the entire seedboot/scraper assembly like on some units.

SB2019 seed boot image closeup

Improved Seed boot

Improved seed placement has been at the forefront of our minds ever since we started working on the Baldan openers. 

The SB2019 has a new improved seedboot which is really only a fine – tuned version of the previous model. 

By changing the internal casting to improve seed flow, we have seen an improvement in consistency of seed placement from the opener.

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Simple Depth Adjustment

No tools required. Just simply lift up the button on top of the depth adjuster handle, pivot the handle back and forth into the depth slot you wish to sow with and release the button. It is really that simple! 

Each notch in the casting is an approximate 1/2″ increment in seeding depth, starting at 1/2″ or 15mm deep. 

A single grease nipple on each adjuster handle keeps the pin lubricated and the addition of the grease track into the adjust pin has ensured that the grease gets to where its needed.


Open Depth Gauge Wheel

The SB range of disc openers have always ran an open gauge wheel and why change it if it works!

By having the open design allows for any dirt or mud that may get trapped between the disc and wheel to escape, ensuring that the wheel can keep turning.

Strong yet small in diameter the spokes not only look good but do a great job at keeping the unit clean and working.

working on a Serafin Ultisow

Low Maintenance

Boosting a service interval of 200hr, the SB2019 row unit is one of the lowest maintenance units on the market. 

Couple that with a larger disc that gets more Ha before it needs to be changed, you have a disc unit that keeps you in the paddock longer.

And features like the replaceable mud scraper and needle roller bearings means that it is cheaper to run too!


Serafin Spiked Closing Wheel

Serafin’s own Spiked Closing Wheel replaces the standard closing smooth closing wheel. It provides some tilth next to the seed slot that assists with closing the seed slot more efficiently in harder conditions. 

It also reduces the amount of closing wheel bounce resulting in more even, consistent closing wheel down pressure

Individual small seed placement kit
Individual Small Seeds Placement kit

Allowing the operator to sow pasture seed and canola through a separate seeding tube that runs along the press wheel arm and places the seed into the seed slot once the press wheel has gone through. 

This separates the main seed / fertiliser from the small seed plus sows this at a very shallow depth, independent to the main seed depth.

Ultisow SB2019 narrow gauge wheel

By reversing the depth wheel hub on the SB2019 we are now able to offer the BUCO narrow gauge wheel tyre on the open 4 spoke hub.

This means that whether you are chasing the narrow spacing on the unit or just wanting to have a smaller footprint on the ground, you can still benefit from the Baldan open hub design.

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D-Cup Air Diffuser

Not standard but highly recommended are the D-cup plastic air diffusers which are fitted to the row unit to allow for higher rate of air flow to reduce blockages as well as reduce seed bounce. 


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Serafin UltiSow S12 Hi Lift Uniforce Diffuser focused

An upgrade option over the plastic D-cup diffusers is the Serafin Stainless steel diffuser,

Working on similar principles as the D-cup but with a longer life and stronger housing. 

It also has a rubber cap that fits neatly onto the stainless steel housing, ensuring that it doesn’t vibrate off or have latches that break. And has optional shield as shown

Serafin Ultisow Hi Lift with Needham options
Needham Press & Gauge Wheels

New for 2021 we can offer now both the Needham V8 firming wheel and Needham Urethane Gauge wheel options for our SB2019 Disc Opener.

The V8 firming wheel is known for its longevity and ability to flex so that the press wheel continually gives the optimum seed to soil contact.

The Gauge Wheel is also very long life and quality bearing system.

Manutec 15 inch single press wheel option
Manutec Single Press Wheel

Replacing both the small BUCO press wheel and the cast closing wheel is the single arm with 15″ Manutec press wheel.

This works very well in soft, sandy conditions where the seed slot closes over itself. It is low maintenance and long wearing.

Manutec Mud Razor gauge wheel upclose
Manutec Mud Razor Gauge Wheel

A complete replacement of the standard BUCO depth wheel is the Manutec Mud Razoe option.

Fitted with a 4 1/2″ solid rubber wheel with an inbuilt metal scraper ring on the inside, this gauge wheel works well is muddy conditions.


Now available on the SB2019 unit is the all new Ryan NT (formerly RFM NT) Spring gauge wheel. Featuring improved resistance to mud build up and less weight.

The flex in the steel spring ensures that any mud build up will release, keeping the unit turning in the most sticky conditions.

Other Row Unit Options

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team. 

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