Introducing the latest and greatest Serafin Single Disc Row Unit!
An ideal complement to our Serafin Ultisow Single-Disc range, with superior, long-lasting features and reduced maintenance, achieving excellent seed placement and stubble handling ability.
Our Serafin Row Units’ impressive features include:
  • Large 508mm Disc Blade: Slow turn speed, allowing for better cut of trash.
  • Needle Roller Bearings: Long life no-grease top pivot, rather than a bush that wears and is costly to replace
  • Long Life Cast 12″Closing Wheel: Non-greaseable and fully adjustable to suit varying sowing conditions.
  • 3 Spoke Buco Depth Wheel: Better mud and trash clearing. Many options available.
  • Independent Spring Down Pressure: For press and closing wheels, with non-greasing and long life bearings.
  • Buco Hard Vee Rubber Press Wheel: Excellent seed to soil contact, for hard wearing and long life.
  • Depth Adjustment Handle: Easy to move handle, strong pin and heavy tooth casting – 1/2″ increments.
  • Spring Loaded Seedboot with Adjustable Mud Scraper: Smooth internal casting to improve seed placement. New, longer mud scraper for improved performance in various conditions.


Another key feature we have incorporated in this unit is a new style ‘Agri-Hub’ bearing. It has been tested for over two years, with high resistance to mud and dusty conditions. Designed to reduce maintenance time and long-term operating costs while achieving maximum uptime.
For more information on integrating the new Serafin SM Row unit into an existing or new machine enquiry, visit or contact our parts team today on (02) 6963 5588.

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