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Renovate your pasture with the best 3m double disc seeder at our best price. 



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Easter Trading Hours

Serafin Machinery will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. We will reopen on Tuesday 23 April.

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Visit us at South East Field Days Lucindale SA.

We’re heading to the South East Field Days on 15 – 16 March in Lucindale, SA. Find Serafin Machinery at SITE 130. If you’re in the area, visit us to see the Serafin Ultisow Single Disc Seeder, Semeato TDNG300E No-Till Double Disc Seeder, and Serafin Eco Standard Offset Disc. ON DISPLAY AT SITE 130 Ultisow…

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Don’t miss our Semeato TDNG 300E SUPER SALE

Renovate your pasture with the best 3m double disc seeder at our best price! Order now for March delivery. The Semeato TDNG300e is a versatile double disc No-Till machine that can handle anything that is thrown at it. Whether it sowing ryegrass, oats, canola or brassica (just to name a few) the 300e will make light work of it.

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"Serafin have been great, with the order process and what they have available and their after sales service. They are really good to deal with"


23Trevor & Malcolm Henderson – Semeato TDNG 520

We originally owned a TDNG 420 but upgraded to the larger 520 machine this year.

This machine easily sows into Lucerne stands and we can ever over sow without disturbing existing plants, and is heavy enough the get into tight ground.

The folding system is very good and gateways are no longer an issue. There is no comparison to this machine, it does an excellent job and our crop is coming up a lot quicker.


24Lachlan Snow - Semeato TDNG420

Lachlan Snow from Holbrook has had his Semeato for 2 years now and done over 5000 acres. Lachlan has been contracting in that region and done many different seed crops with perfect results. He now has to consider a wider machine to keep up with demand!

22Robert Houghton - Serafin Ultisow S60

Robert Houghton from Leeton talks about the benefits of the SB2010 Baldan row units on his Serafin S40. Suitable for both dry and wet conditions, Robert demonstrates how this unit has proven itself.

21Scott McIntyre - Semeato TDNG 320

I wanted a machine that could sow pasture and cropping, this machine can do that and it gets through all the trash and stubble really well. It can handle sowing without having to plough up the paddocks. The ground contouring on this machine in second to none, and has given us big savings in fuel costs. I have had no issues with this machine at all.

19Rod Vagg - Semeato TDNG 300E

This machine doesn’t rip the ground up, I have tried other machines but no other can do the job like the Semeato. This machine is accurate and any parts I have required have been cheap and easily accessible. It uses less fuel and less HP than most machines so is very low cost to run. The excellent service and the machine performance are the total package.

18Robert McCormick - Semeato TDNG 420

I chose this machine for its end tow ability; it can fit through small gates and is easy to move along the roads. This machine sows straight through trash and grass, the trash helps conserve moisture and we have had great consistency in germination due to the stubble acting like mulch. I have done many crops with this machines and it performs in all soils, even rocks.

Mark Ross - Semeato TDNG 420

I chose this machine for its end tow feature and for its ability to follow the ground contours. It produces even seed placement and germination and is of very solid construction. The heavy weight means it can get into hard surfaced soils, and due to this machine, the sowing part of my contracting business has increased immensely. With our previous machine we were using 3 ½ L fuel per acre, with the Semeato we are now only using 1 ½ L per acre, so it has saved us a lot of money in fuel.

16Harold Cocking - Semeato TDNG 300E

I am very happy with the germination this machine has produced, there is no pre-tillage. The press wheel ensures that the seed gets covered with soil so that birds cannot get the seed, and the contour following ability provide an even depth and great germination. We can sow a rocky paddock and leave them under ground rather than rip them up.

15Jeremy Walsh - Semeato TDNG 300E

This machine has great contour following ability; I have used it in loamy soils, to heavy clay soils and also volcanic rocky soil. The calibration is easy and accurate and the maintenance and durability are excellent.

14Andy Murdoch - Semeato TDNG420

In South Australia, Andy Murdoch has traded a 12 month old Vaderstad machine which worked OK until he had clients with rocky soil. This led him to purchase a Semeato 420. His customers are over the moon with the results and he is inundated with work - he now has to consider and even larger machine to keep up!

13Jeff Savage - Ultisow S50

Jeff Savage from Barellan NSW, purchased a 50ft Serafin Ultisow in 2011, after using a Gason bar.

"We were using Gason bar but we knew it wouldn’t get through the heavy stubble loads after a good harvest in 2010, and were trying to leave all our stubble where we can. We found the Serafin Ultisow machine operated very well through heavy stubble, the stubble load wasn’t a problem and we were very happy with the result we got"

"Seed placement was very good, very happy with our germination through all of our crops. It was very simple to set up and adjust. Some of the other units you see on the market are a lot more complicated, I like something that’s easy to set up and once its set up you can just go."

These machines have an excellent trash handling ability, allowing farmers to sow into existing pasture with out disturbance to the existing seed, crop or soil and retaining moisture and soil structure.

13John Mayberry - Ultisow S50

Such dedication to product and farm practice improvements has paid off following excellent reports from customers including John Mayberry from Weethalle who has been direct drilling with his Serafin Ultisow 50ft seeder for two years and has realised the improvement in his soils since changing to no-till. Mr Mayberry said "after 5mm of heavy rain last week i found that where i had kept the stubble and disc seeder, the rain went down 60mm into the soil compared to my fallowed paddock where the rain only penetrated 25mm and the rest ran off." Mr Maybery said "this will make a huge difference to my yield. These are the benefits I am seeing from changing to no-till."

Brent Rothacker - Semeato SSM

I am impressed with the ease of operation including calibrating seeds and fertiliser rates, the large capacity of storage, good seed placement and the overall performance of the machine.

Tim Gabbe - Serafin Ultisow

We can see that the Serafin Ultisow machine will enhance our soil health in our No Till cropping operation.

8Tristam Herstlet - ASBG Double Disc

We were after a disc machine to plant canola into wet ground and also direct drill into hard ground with corn stubble, sorghum stubble, canola stubble and sunflower stubble. The double disc machine we have here seems to handle it all well, we dont have any troubles in either wet or dry.

7Richie Lees - Ultisow S66

The No Till has helped out with alot of the weeds, less soil disturbance, saves the moisture which has helped the crops this year, they look good for little rainfall.
The machine folds up beautifully to transport around, its made by very professional blokes, its does a tremendous job and I'm very happy with it.
It requires a bit more thought to set up, with adjustments and that type of thing compared to the tyne machine, but once we got that organised I was shocked to see the stubble loads that it was going through with no problems and the crops have come up beautiful.

6Nick Eckermann - Ultisow S40

We chose the Ultisow because it was manufactured locally, its got a fairly solid construction and adjustments are relatively simple and the seed placement we found to be as good as any other machine on the market. We were happy with the Ultisow's performance through the season, being maintenence free and just a matter of some easy greasing points, its been reliable.

5Scott Vaessen - Ultisow S40

We wanted a machine that was going to be able to handle larger stubble residues, and the stubble that we worked through we found that the Ultisow did a really good job.
We were nervous about sowing Canola through these stubbles but we found that the Ultisow sliced through the stubble with ease and the placement of the seed underneath the stubble was ideal, the Canola is now growing with a nice mulch around the base of the stem.

4Damien O'Sullivan - Ultisow S50

We brought this machine for moisture conservation and stubble retention, it was manufactured locally and we liked its concept and how it folds up making it easier for travel.

We have halved our fuel consumption and so far the germination with minimal moisture has been good. We've also been able to sow into relatively wet paddocks without any hassles.

2Gerard O'Grady - Baldan SD3000

The main reason we brought Baldan SD3000 seeder was the time factor, in that we save time in seeding.

We dont have to prepare the ground as much or at all, we can direct drill straight in.

The way it drills the seed into the ground the covers it is a big advantage over the way we use to do it.



Serafin Machinery is the answer to all your no-till, seeding and disc plough needs.

From the zero till Serafin designed and Australian manufactured Serafin Ultisow single disc seeder & double disc seeder, to the imported Semeato & Baldan double disc seeder from Brazil, Serafins has your needs covered. If we don’t have what you are after we are happy to look at customizing a machine to suit your requirements.

Serafin Machinery also imports Baldan heavy duty tandem discs and offset discs from Brazil, as well as rugged Agrator rotary hoes and mulchers from Spain & Erme garlic equipment that including planters, harvesters and specialized processing equipment from France.

Serafins has a wide range of spare parts for offset discs, tandem discs, rotary hoes, mulchers, single disc and double disc row units suiting a wide range of disc seeders including retrofit units for John Deere and Horward Bagshaw just to name a few, and our best-selling zero maintenance Baldan oil bath bearings for offset discs and tandem discs including retrofit kits for Allfarm and International.

At Serafin machinery we specialize in what we sell. We stock a large range of machines & spare parts, we have highly trained service staff & many years experience. We are the seeding and tillage specialists.