Double chassis, towed machine. It is hydraulically powered by pumps which are driven by the tractor’s power take-off.The lifting system is identical and independent for each row. The bulb is lifted by a blade and the leaves are grabbed between two belts. The garlic is carried to the topping system after passing through a vibrator. A second set of belts levels off all the bulbs and two disks cut the leaves. A conveyor belt carries the bulbs to one side of the machine. After being cut, the leaves fall on to the ground behind the machine. The machine is operated by one person, and it has setting systems allowing it to be adapted to various types of planting. Lateral guidance is hydraulically controlled. -3-, 4- or 5-row machine -min setting between rows: 43cm -max setting between rows: 50cm -nominal speed : 3 km/h


ERME | RE3/4/5 | HARVESTER TOPPER Specifications

Working Width: 2000-2700mm
HP Requirement: 90hp approx
Weight: 2400-3200kg

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