hopper with a slatted conveyor belt feeds the machine. The garlic bulbs are split into bulblets between two belts, the distance between the belts can be adjusted. 7 alternating rotary brushes complete the splitting operation. A suction extractor removes the skins after splitting. There is a belt enabling manual finishing. A grader sorts the bulblets(cloves) into 5 categories: -smaller than 10 mm (waste) -10mm to 23mm (medium) -23mm to 30mm (large) -larger than 30mm (poorly split garlic) -Machine power rating: 6 kW -Voltage : 220/380 V three-phased -Output : 600 kg/h The speed of the feed belt can be adjusted to adapt to the production.

ERME | E600 | GARLIC SPLITTER | 600kg Specifications

Working Width: 1100mm
Weight: 650kg

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