Serafin GCRO 7010 44 Plate Offset Disc

  • Make: Serafin

  • Model: GCRO 7010 NARROW FOLD

  • Code: 44 Plate


This is an outstanding primary pass machine with a narrow folded transport width of just 3.6m which means no escort required to move this around. Featuring universal 10 1/2” spacing, ideally suited to crops such as sugarcane, vegetable, rice and cotton ground.

Built strong & heavy, this machine can penetrate hard soils and buries stubble exceptionally well. Fitted with a new swivel type oil bath bearing that further increases lifetime, upgraded larger single 15.0/70-18 BKT 14 ply tyres, hydraulic locking pins on the wing folds to ensure the wings don’t ride up, and a hydraulic cylinder on the hitch that makes adjustment of the pitch quick and easy.

Also featuring large 1 3/4″ round axles, heavy cast spool spacers that add extra weight whilst being small in diameter thus allowing for longer disc life, & rear tow hitch with hydraulic ports for towed rear implement, the GCRO 7010 folding 44 plate is the perfect all rounder!


Discs – 44 plate
Working Width – 5.8m
Disc Spacing – 270mm
Disc Size : 28” x 7.5mm standard (30” x 7.5mm optional)
Axle Size – 1 3/4” Round
Weight – 5,800kg