5-7m double disc narrow transport air seeder

  • Make: Pasture King

  • Model: Serafin

  • Code: 5-7m double disc


The Serafin Pasture King is a hybrid of the very popular narrow fold design frame coupled with the versatile TLS double disc linkage bar. It offers narrow row spacing from 155mm (6”), unmatched ground following & industry leading seed placement.
Combine that with a 3,200L air box and a  narrow folding, manoeuvrable frame, results in this being the perfect seeder for renovating pastures and sowing winter cereal crops.

Fitted with the reliable Tatu double disc opener with 15” discs with leading disc for easy penetration

Cast cover wheel for perfect seed contact, fully adjustable

Long triple spring allows unmatched ground following ability & setup for varied conditions

Depth ring on side of disc offers leading seed placement accuracy

Row units can handle rocky conditions as well as wet, sticky soils due to simple mud scraper setup

Narrow folded width of 3.2m means transport is easy & no escort required

Fitted with a Gason 1230IM 3200L mounted air seeder box with optional 380L pasture planter OR 2,100L PJ GREEN 2 bin mounted seeder

Fully customisable design – choose your width, row spacing & options to suit your needs.


Working width: 5 – 7m

Transport width: 3.2m

Row  spacing: from 155mm +

Row unit type: Tatu double disc, 15” offset with triple spring and cast closing wheel

Air box:  Gason 1230IM 3200L 2 bin, 50/50 split, variable rate with choice of monitor

Pasture box: optional 380L plumbed into main seed tube or individual placement

HP requirement: from 140hp + (depending on configuration)

Weight:  5,500kg – 7,000kg (depending on configuration)