26ft or 30ft Trailing Single Disc Seeder

  • Make: Ultisow

  • Model: S26 / S30 / S34

  • Code: S26 / S30 / S34


The Serafin Ultisow S26 to S34 is a folding seeder available in 8m, 9m or 10m sowing widths. This range has a folded transport width down to 3.45m so no escort is required to move these around!

It is designed to give the machine enough weight to penetrate hard soils and thick residue.
Fitted with Baldan SB2016 single disc openers that feature a single 20″ x 6mm disc at 7 degree angle, a depth gauge wheel, press wheel and closing wheel.

All models feature strong fully powder coated frame with options of trailing air cart, mounted box or tow between air cart (Gason air cart can be supplied upon request)
8 x 400/60 x 15.5 floatation tyres standard for trailing air cart design Or 550/60×22.5 rear centre frame tyres for mounted box
Mounted box options include: Gason 1230IM 3,200L 2 bin seed box OR the new Gason 1250IM 5,100L 2 bin seed box

Row spacings from 6 1/2″ out to 375mm – we can customise your seeder to suit your needs!

There are many different optional extra that we can supply for the Ultisow S30. The include Air diffusers, auto on/off switching, oversize signage, pasture boxes, small seed placement kits… you name it, we can customise it for you!


Rows:  30 – 58 rows
Working Width:  8m – 9m – 10m (26ft – 30ft- 34ft)
Disc Spacing:  250mm or 300mm
HP Requirement:  140 – 250hp
Seed Box Capacity:  OPTIONAL
Disc Size:  20″ x 6MM
Disc Type:  Single disc
Weight:  7,500 – 10,500