Serafin Machinery is the answer to all your no-till seeding and disc plough needs.

From the zero till Serafin designed and Australian manufactured Serafin Ultisow single disc seeder & double disc seeder, to the imported Semeato & Baldan double disc seeder from Brazil, Serafins has your needs covered. If we don’t have what you are after we are happy to look at customizing a machine to suit your requirements.  

Serafin Machinery also imports Baldan heavy duty tandem discs and offset discs from Brazil, as well as rugged Agrator rotary hoes and mulchers from Spain & Erme garlic equipment that including planters, harvesters and specialized processing equipment from France.

Serafins has a wide range of spare parts for offset discs, tandem discs, rotary hoes, mulchers, single disc and double disc row units suiting a wide range of disc seeders including retrofit units for John Deere and Horward Bagshaw just to name a few, and our best-selling zero maintenance Baldan oil bath bearings for offset discs and tandem discs including retrofit kits for Allfarm and International. 

At Serafin machinery we specialise in what we sell. We stock a large range of machines & spare parts, we have highly trained service staff & many years experience with no-till farming. We are the no-till specialists.